Don’t waste your whole summer and swipe your way to success with this app


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Don’t waste your whole summer and swipe your way to success with this app

Catch me snagging my dream job

I spend as much time thinking about summer as I do about getting a boyfriend. They actually have something in common other than being the only things occupying my brain space, behind the yodeling kid’s song on a loop. Once it happens, I have no idea what to do next.

Yeah, boyfriends are confusing (you’ve got to like, feed and walk them!), but summer is even worse. You fantasize all winter about the places you’ll go, the things you’ll do, but when it finally rolls around, you waste all three months with a pit in your stomach. I call them the Summer Scaries: Your useless ass spends the entire season with a stomach twisted up like a pretzel because you’re doing nothing with your life. When the summer ends, what will you have to show for it but sunburn?

Enter Shapr. It’s like the perfect combo of LinkedIn and Tinder. You can literally network your way towards that dream internship or job with the help of an amazing mentor. And it’s basically a fool-proof way to ensure you actually do something with your summer other than drinking from the garden hose. You have the whole summer, countless ideas, giant dreams (that’s kind of what our whole generation is about), and Shapr matches with you people who can actually make them happen.

Make your summer a success and start networking with Shapr! You’re one swipe away from an amazing professional connection!

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Just download Shapr in either the App Store or the Android version of the App Store (I won’t laugh, I swear), and outline your goals and ideas in the profile section. It’s the same swipe-match format you’ve been using for years, only minus the sketchy dick pics. You’re presented with a daily presentation of 15 potential matches hand-picked and perfectly tailored to what you’re looking for. If you both swipe yes to each other, you’re paired off into a chat that makes networking easier than texting in the group chat.

Basically, Shapr is the most convenient way to turn your big summer dreams into a reality. Instead of sitting in the heat and wishing you were on some great adventure, why not actually make it happen? Especially when it’s as easy as one fluid swiping motion. I’ve said this to practically anyone who will listen, but I have a really great feeling about this summer. 2018 is our year, and it’s time to go for it.

Download Shapr for iPhone and Android here