This creepy site fantasizes about sex with children and counts down the day until they turn 18


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This creepy site fantasizes about sex with children and counts down the day until they turn 18

It’s messed up

Creeps are fantasizing about sex with "barely legal" girls on one of the world's most popular websites. Men on Reddit forums are literally counting down the days until famous girls turn 18, and talking about how often they masturbate to their underage photos. A number of these sites are operating – some are dedicated to individual child celebrities on the verge of consent age, while others are a free-for-all of famous teens who they talk about in graphic sexual terms.

A babe investigation found extensive posts by male users who get turned on by young girls. Take this subreddit devoted to child star Jordyn Jones, an actress and former Dance Moms star who turned 18 this March. It's called r/JordynJones_18 which celebrated her 18th birthday because, in the words of one user, it meant "guilt free fapping."

Here's a typical selection of posts you can find on there:

"She's as sexy as she has always been," said one post. "But at least we can express how hot she is here now." Another agreed: "She has barely changed in years, so if she's hot now she has been for awhile."

A post published on the same day wrote "Jordyn is ready" next to a photo of the teen in a bikini. Users piled in to talk about how they would like to have sex with her, speculating if she was a virgin due to her young age.

One day after her 18th birthday, users bragged about how many times they had masturbated to her pictures. "Two [times], she's a little cum princess," said one user. "Five loads since she turned 18 for me. She just keeps posting slutty bikini pics. I love it," added another. One said: "One and prior to that, I rather not say." His comment has since been deleted.

Posts removed by moderators are even worse. "I love how the first pics of her turning 18 are bikini pics," writes a Redditor underneath a photo of her. "She's gonna be a great little slut." On another posts, a user says: "Feels so good jerking my cock to this sexy little bitch on her 18th birthday."

There is something uniquely creepy about a subreddit that was set up on the day a child reached the age of consent – where fans counted down the days until she turned 18 – to fantasize about her. While the rules of the forum prohibit users sharing photos from before she turned 18, as well as "no lewd comments," that clearly hasn't stopped people finding pictures of 17-year-old Jordyn and writing: "I want to nut all over it."

So I asked one of the moderators of the subreddit what the fuck he was doing. "I don't find it all together creepy or weird because it's fantasy," he said, while admitting "some comments can be a bit much" and "being creepy is subjective."

I asked him if he thought it creepy to encourage users to discuss how turned on they were about a child, waiting for her to turn 18. The moderator said: "It is funny to me, if you think about it. One day a girl is 17 and 364 days you get in trouble for a sexualized picture but the next day it's legal to be filmed getting gang banged. Do you know what I mean? I'm sure she has had fans who fetishized her since Dance Moms or whatever it was like five years ago but I try to get away from that kind of talk. That's why I made the 'no talk about her under 18' rule. My focus is on her now being over 18."

I'm not convinced. Users were clearly fantasizing about Jordyn before she turned 18, and a lot of the conversation revolves around how she's now "ready" and has been "training" for sex before her 18th birthday.

But it's not like that forum is the only one. There countless other sections of Reddit dedicated to talking about teens. One subreddit is called r/JerkOffToCelebs, and is fascinated about "barely legal" girls. Take this recent post featuring Australian model Inka Williams (who is 18) calling her a "barely legal cock tease." A comment underneath read: "She's the perfect little fuck doll."

We could go on and on. Because the posts don't tend to explicitly comment about minors, but instead exist in a grey area, Reddit administrators won't ban them.

When contacted by babe, a spokesperson told us: "Reddit prohibits any sexual or suggestive content involving minors, and has specific policies addressing involuntary pornography and sexual or suggestive content involving minors. We take these issues seriously, and are constantly reviewing these policies and update them from time to time as needed."