Let’s walk through the evolution of Bella Hadid’s ever-changing face together


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Let’s walk through the evolution of Bella Hadid’s ever-changing face together

Zero to Carla Bruni real quick

I can't believe I even need to preface this story, but whatever, I'll humor y'all: I think Bella Hadid is one of the most gorgeous women in the world, and if there was a way to scan her face in a 3-D printer, cut off my own, and have the copy surgically attached to my skull, I would.

But can we stop pretending Bella Hadid's face natural?!

I don't know if Bella thinks we're too stupid, too blind, or too poor to call her out. She routinely makes headlines for "slamming haters and liars" who say Bella's had plastic surgery, but…I'll just leave this here:

Gorgeous! But not the same girl we know and love

So above, we have Bella circa 2012/2013. I'll be the first to say that 5 years, especially in your late teens, can make a pretty big difference. But what it can't do is blow up your lips, snatch your eyes, and create bones in your face that didn't exist before. Now here's Bella one year later in 2014:

This was the year Bella was signed by IMG, when she was first trying to make a go of it as a real model. Now obviously I can't say for sure what 18-year-old Bella might or might not have done to her face, but I can observe that her nose is looking extra refined and her brows significantly more arched, resulting in a more wide-eyed look. I can also tell you, dear babe readers, that I myself suddenly had a more arched brow and wide-eyed look overnight — because I got Botox! Do with that info what you will.

Just a few months later, we see Bella with the deep cheek hollows that will become her signature. Her lips look a bit poutier too, but it's minor.

Here's Bella in March 2016. She's 20 years old, and about to be voted MODELS.COM's Model of the Year. We see her skinnier than ever with eye-enhancing makeup, large lips, and cheekbones protruding further than ever before. She looks amazing, confirmed by science.

We arrive in 2017. Bella turns 21, and her face turns about 28. Here she is at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show after party, in a photo posted to Instagram:

And another one from her personal Instagram page:

Maybe Bella is blessed with the kind of post-puberty glow-up typically only seen in kids of Netflix original series. Maybe she had some kind of sexy allergic reaction that made her lips naturally full overnight. Again, to insert myself into this convo, I had to pay a dermatologist several hundred dollars to shoot poison into my lips when I wanted a bigger pout. But maybe God just has Bella's back like that! Who knows!

What I do know is she's still making millions off that maybe-natural-maybe-purchased visage while I make catty comments for a living.