Here’s what today’s mystic Flower Moon means for your sign


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Here’s what today’s mystic Flower Moon means for your sign

It’s powerful for love and loss

This morning, at 10:19 AM EDT, the mystic Flower Moon will mark the sixth full moon of the year, signaling opportunity, romance, fertilization, and relationship growth. However, it’ll be an important time for letting go, too.

The Flower Moon is so named for the first months of warmth in which flowers bloom — and because so many of its qualities are human, you'll bloom with it.


Illumination will occur in your own life this week, reminding you that at the end of any storm, there's a beautifully lit pathway. In with the old, out with the new, using the Flower Moon to light your way to healing. Fall in love with taking care of yourself, and you'll be shocked by what the girl inside you is capable of on her own.


Although you may struggle with giving up certain desires or attachments in the coming weeks, the Flower Moon will encourage you to make changes regardless. Even if it's not letting them go all at once, it's baby steps like choosing to spend time with yourself instead, or reorganizing your space in a way that does't remind you of them. Take back control of your life — it always belonged to you.


Today's Flower Moon occurs when the Gemini Sun opposes the Moon in Sagittarius, forcing you to welcome balance into your life. Despite Gemini's reputation to be flighty or aloft, when it comes to adventure, you'd actually rather stay where you are. But a Sagittarius will never let you do that. Open your heart to adventure in the next two weeks by forcing yourself to go out even when you'd rather stay in. Romance is looking for you.


LET IT ALL OUT. The Lunation will bring with it illumination that shines a spotlight on those emotions you've been bundling in. These new feelings and revelations will be highly emotional. But once they're let out, they will finally escape you for good. Do something that encourages you to get in touch with yourself — go to a reading, go to a drink and draw. Spend some time setting it all free.


The Flower Moon means you can expect a very competitive environment in the next two weeks. So if you thought the fight was over and you could lay down your sword, I've got some bad news. But instead of fighting just to fight, consider the noble cause behind why you're fighting. What is it you care about so much you'd put your sanity on the line? Let that guide you.


The Flower Moon will encourage you to take what you want regardless of the consequence but it would be childish to think you wouldn't have to pay a very high price. If you choose to oppose someone, move forward with the knowledge that they will fight back hard under the light of this New Moon.


The Flower Moon means you can’t sit on your feelings — you need to express them! Whether good or bad, there's something you want to say to them but aren't quite sure how. This brightly lit sky will help you to find those words, encouraging you to speak your mind. Is everything as good as it seems if you feel like you can't be yourself with them?


Get ready to blossom, babe. The Flower Moon is going to offer you the opportunity to stretch and grow in ways you haven't in years. The heart is a muscle — it can bend and it can swell, but it cannot break. Over the course of the next two weeks, allow it the chance to grow and open to new people and you'll begin to grow and glow with it. There's nothing more alluring than a golden girl.


As the Flower Moon transits across the sky, you will find yourself particularly committed to claiming what's yours. A truth seeker, as the Gemini Sun opposes the Moon in your sign, you'll find yourself having to decide whether you want to keep moving or if you'd rather claim what was yours all along. The option is there, but not for long.


Treat yourself like a flower over the course of the next two weeks as the Flower Moon transits through the sky, and force yourself to soak in as much energy, sun and water as humanly possible. This is your summer to bloom. And if you're gentle with yourself, nobody will even recognize you come fall.


It's time to take responsibility for your actions as the Flower Moon transits through the sky. Things you've been putting off, conversations you've been avoiding and feelings you've been suppressing are going to bubble over so you might as well take ownership over them before they try and claim you.


It's time for renewal! The Flower Moon is here to illuminate some of those really dark days you've had over the past few weeks, encouraging you to open the blinds and sweep all of the dust of yesterday away. It's been so cold and dark for so long, but the same way winter always ends, it's your time to bloom. Soak it in.