Why the fuck are you taking sexy pictures of yourself at Auschwitz?


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Why the fuck are you taking sexy pictures of yourself at Auschwitz?

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It is with great regret that I must inform you the teens have finally gone too far this time, because they are now taking sexy photos of themselves in Auschwitz and uploading them to Instagram. The trend of concentration camp selfies emerged a couple years back, but they have now evolved and become far sexier (as disgusting as that sounds). Scan through #Auschwitz on Instagram, and you'll see boys and girls taking thotty pictures among the barbed wire, outside the train station and underneath the Arbeit Macht Frei sign.

Check out this sickening new trend, which comes complete with hair flicking, plandid angles, seductive looks and poses that accentuate the size of one's ass:

Time has no power over these memories ? #krakow #auschwitz

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Y finalmente reinó el silencio

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As if those wasn't bad enough, the trend also includes posing to look Mindful and Considerate and at One With The Universe. This might as well be the Hollywood sign on a Saturday or a sunny afternoon in Central Park.

Dudes are in on this too – it's easy to find photos of guys in tank tops, guns out, muscles clenched, wistful looks on their faces, good sides presented. One man included the hashtags #instagood #photooftheday #photoeveryday #beautiful #picture #instafamous #explorationgram #followme #follow #fashion #htfla #pichoftheday #like4like #toptags so just know he's keen to go mega vi with his pic.

?: @tuukkakiviranta

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Alnıma asıp gezmelik fotolar ? #gokhanalkan #gökhanalkan

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#be #boundless #without #hate #and #without #fear

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Auschwitz – Birkenau #Auschwitz

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I wonder what their camera rolls look like – how many attempts did it take to get just the right pose on the tracks leading into Auschwitz? How long did it take to edit the photo to put yourself in focus and the train station blurry? How likely is it that any of these photos are Facetuned to make cheekbones sharper or asses bigger? Do you secretly congratulate yourself when you break 100 likes for your I'm-looking-sultry-check-me-out picture on the ground where over a million people died in the Holocaust? If so, hope these posts performed as well as you wanted!

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