Your weekly horoscope says he’s probably stalking your Instagram


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Your weekly horoscope says he’s probably stalking your Instagram

We’re going ? Leo

A Quarter Moon in South Node Libra is a tricky situation. But as the Sun moves from Cancer into Leo, you'll feel a renewed sense of confidence as old emotions slide right off you.

Cheers bitch — you really thought you hurt me.


For the past few weeks, the Mars and Chiron retrograde has really taken a toll on your sense of stability. You feel an impulse but a lack of direction can turn this into confusion. Starting Monday, Venus is quincunx with Mars, meaning that romance will be moving forward and things will develop! But with Mars squaring off with asteroid Juno, your need to take the lead won’t do you any favors. With the Quarter Moon in the South Node Libra, your emotions will be high. Take time to relax and let things take their course. Drive is the last thing you need.


You have gotten off easy with all of the retrogrades. Venus has glided smoothly and your sign hasn’t had any major events. Now is the time to get ready for the Venus retrograde in a month, and Uranus goes retrograde in your sign August 7. Venus in Virgo means you can set your mind to achieve short term successes. Venus and Mars quincunx also bodes well for your love life, especially with Venus sextile Jupiter at the end of the week, but possessiveness is what you want to avoid. The Quarter Moon may find you fussing about appearances and the feng-shui of your living space. This week, do a face mask and enjoy the spoils of your hard work.


With Mercury in Leo, you have been very active this summer but the Mercury retrograde is right around the corner, and you feel this more than any other sign. Mercury in trine with Vesta this weekend calls for a night in. Put your energies into knowing what you have planned for the rest of the summer. The Quarter Moon in Libra can cause you to reflect on past loves and trials. This week, be around friends and save the weekend for yourself. Reflect inward and center yourself for the upcoming retrogrades.


You and Libra will feel the Quarter Moon more than any other sign, and it may be a difficult time for you. With your time of the year coming to a close, you may be thinking about the past and where you should be in life. Don’t dive too deep into previous debacles and channel your energies into a project. The Sun is finally leaving Cancer, so think of this as your fresh start. This week, write out some goals you wish to accomplish and take a day trip.


On Sunday, the Sun enters your sign and your new year will begin, with a Mercury in retrograde following it. You may find that you are unsure of where you are headed and what you should be preparing for your new year. The Pluto retrograde in Capricorn may have you feeling like it’s time to get serious about some changes you want to make, with the Quarter Moon turning your attention to your past relationships. Don’t be hasty this week, Leo. Enjoy the summer and be prepared for the retrograde. Good things are in store for your sign, as long as you keep your head.


With Venus in Virgo, you have been going through a romantic spell, either a negative or positive one. You have been through a lot with this placement and you’re probably ready for it to be over. As Venus prepares to enter Libra, you may feel your done with the romance department. However, the Quarter Moon in South Node Libra may bring back memories of past loves, or even bring them back in person. Monday, Venus conjunct Ceres, so you will begin a transition, whether it be personal or interpersonal, your emotions will be at the forefront. This week, don’t hold back your emotions and have a girls night.


Always craving stability, the Saturn retrograde has been messing with your balance and you may have been feeling out of place wherever you go. With Venus in Virgo, you haven’t been paying attention to romance, or your current relationship may have reached calmer waters. Starting Monday, Venus will quincunx Mars and conjunct Ceres, so it's time to get out of your funk and brace the future. Venus sextile Jupiter will bring good things for your career, so take a look at your resume and think about projects. The Quarter Moon in Libra will make you think about how far your life has come and you will have a strong pull toward home. This week, keep busy and stay in touch with family.


It’s certainly not a bad week to be a Scorpio! With Jupiter in Scorpio, you may have had a lucky streak for the past few days. The Pluto retrograde in Capricorn means it’s time to go out and party. There’s nothing holding you back this week and you should have some fun, but this certainly doesn’t mean you should go crazy. The Mars retrograde may have you feeling like you are a bit unsure of your actions and the Quarter Moon in South Node Libra will make you feel like you made a mistake or two. Don’t listen to these creeping thoughts. This week, go out with friends and enjoy your weekend.


Intensity has been the name of the game lately, as Cancer sits in your 8th house of regenerations. The Quarter Moon this week will make you a bit melancholy and Jupiter in Scorpio may make you moody, and certainly unlucky. Come Sunday, however, when the Sun enters Leo, things will take a 180. You will feel completely restored and you’ll have good things drawn to you. This week, order in some pizza with your best friend and watch your favorite movie.


The Saturn retrograde in Capricorn may have you feeling isolated. The Pluto retrograde in Capricorn may have you feeling stuck. All this is about to change for you, as the Sun leaves Cancer on Sunday. This Thursday, Saturn quincunx Pallas Athene, and you will have a jolt of inspiration. You’re going to find someone who is going to help you with a problem you have been facing and it’s going to be a huge relief. When the Sun enters Leo, you will feel brand new and will be hungry for a challenge. With the Quarter Moon in Libra, take time to reflect on what has been blocking your creativity. Use this as a learning lesson. This week, drink some tea and call up an old friend.


The Mars retrograde in Aquarius may have had some undesired effects on your ambition lately. You may feel like you don’t want to invest your time in projects and just get lazy. Uranus in Taurus has affected your finances lately. Saving up for something? Hope so, because Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus starting next week, so don’t go making any major purchases. This Saturday, Mars will go opposite to Pallas Athene, so you’re gonna put the brakes on any planning. The Quarter Moon in Libra will make you look at past decisions, which is hard for an Aquarius. This week, don’t sweat the small stuff and save up on your time, money, and energy.


Always the emotional one, you may find yourself a bit dry-eyed. The Neptune retrograde in Pisces has stalled any sort of emotional or creative encounters, and it’s going to stay that way until November, but don’t see this as a hindrance. You finally have a level head, and it’s time to put it to use. This Friday, Saturn will quintile Neptune, so your head is no longer in the clouds and you’ll feel down to earth. The Quarter Moon in Libra allows you to look at relationships proactively and assess who or what is or isn’t doing you any favors. This week, get serious about goals you have been putting off and you will see some impressive results.