Leo season is finally upon us, and here’s how it’s going to heat up your sign’s love life


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Leo season is finally upon us, and here’s how it’s going to heat up your sign’s love life

Queen of hearts

Leo rules the heart, which is no surprise, seeing as they’re the most sensual sign in the zodiac. So, now that Leo season is finally upon us, things in the romance sector of your life are going to start massively heating up (thank god!). Just be careful not to let things boil over.

There is also a Full Moon this week, which means a dark desire will be revealed to you, and the lunar eclipse will amplify this. To top it all off? There’s a Mercury retrograde in Leo.

Good luck, and I’ll see you here next week.


Your summer has been a rollercoaster Aries, but there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Friday welcomes not just a Full Moon, but a Lunar Eclipse. Your life will gain a great purpose — impossible to ignore.

With the Sun squaring Mars on Thursday, you are going to put all of your own problems first, and you will drive toward your destiny revealed by the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. The Venus sesqui quadrate Mars on Friday will call you to a lover and they will need your support in some way. Don’t let Thursday’s Mercury retrograde in Leo make you insecure. You know what to do, don’t let the opinions of others interfere.

This week, make a big decision. Go for it.


Look alive Taurus, because your ruling planet Venus has decided to get into all sorts of drama this week.

On Tuesday, Venus goes opposite Neptune, meaning your love life is going to get hit with a blast of realism. No more rosey hue, which will be a good thing. This, coinciding with the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, means you’ll have a great love realization. Maybe you realize that you want something more, or that you want to take things to the next level! This also plays with Venus sesqui quadrate Uranus on Wednesday, where you will feel a need for freedom in your love life.

Venus sesqui quadrate Mars on Friday, which means you will need to be there for someone romantically (what a Taurus is known for), and Venus will trine Pluto, which will bring a revolution to your love life. If that weren’t complicated enough, don’t forget the Mercury retrograde!

This week, take time to think about what you want.


Mercury retrogrades have always been the worst for you, as this is your ruling planet. And this Mercury retrograde in Leo will bring a shockwave to your ego. You may falter when in comes to your confidence and sense of self.

Friday is the day of the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, so you will realize a great need or want. Put two and two together, and give your image an overhaul. Get some new clothes or maybe redecorate. The Sun conjunct North Node on Saturday is just another part of this equation, as you will take a huge leap closer to your destiny.

This week, go shopping and bring forth a new you.


I’d love to say you’re going to get some time to relax, since Cancer season has come to a close, but the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse has other plans.

Since you are ruled by the Moon, this event will hit you the hardest. Cancers are more in-tune with their emotions than any other sign, so this will really give your heart a workout. The Moon has decided that you need to be upfront with your feelings. No more mindless flirting or pining from afar. It’s time to get real Cancer, and you’ll feel better from doing so. This Mercury retrograde in Leo will be good for you, as it will make you choose your words wisely.

This week, close your DMs. Serious inquiries only.


Starting your new year with a bang is such a Leo move.

The Sun has decided to mess with the entire solar system, and Mercury and the Moon are going to get involved too. On Monday, the Sun sesqui quadrate Neptune, meaning you’ll be faced with a choice that puts your own interests against the interests of those around you. Tuesday’s Sun trine Chiron will bring a block to your creativity. Then on Wednesday, Sun squaring Uranus will demand that you start giving into your need for free expression. The Sun quincunx Saturn will intensify your fight between self interest and the interests of the group, which is only amplified by the Mercury retrograde in Leo, but the Sun square Mars tells us you need to choose yourself. Friday’s Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse will reveal a huge want or need, and your horoscope says it will be a selfish one.

Don’t worry Leo, the Sun conjunct North Node tell us this is a right step toward your destiny. This week, it’s all about you.


Virgos have always preferred their way of doing things. Methodical and big planners, they hate missteps and change of plans. The Mercury retrograde couldn’t care less, and Virgos will need to adapt to future changes.

Since the retrograde will be in Leo, Virgos will have to learn how to start expressing themselves and stop bottling it all in. The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse will play a part in this, revealing that your confidence may be necessary in getting something you want. This will be a difficult need for you to accept Virgo, so don’t fight it anymore. It’s time to give in to your wants and needs, even if they might be slightly self destructive. This will be beneficial in the long run.

This week, get fast food, go out with friends, and text your ex. Live a little.


Much like Taurus, your life is about to get a major overhaul with all of the Venus aspects this week.

Venus opposite Neptune means no more dreaming of a love you don’t have. Don’t get lost in fantasies that won’t be. Venus sesqui quadrate Uranus means you will crave freedom for your current convictions. It’s time to start doing what your heart has been telling you to do. Friday’s Venus sesqui quadrate Mars says you will be drawn to support a lover…or in your case Libra, they will be drawn to you. Is this the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse revealing a great want or need? With Venus trine Pluto, there will be a love revolution. Looks like things are going to completely change in your love life.

This week, be open to change.


Love is in the air for Scorpios! With Venus trine your ruling planet Pluto, you will realize that it’s time to text that special someone.

With the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, this may be the push you were looking for! A Scorpio has an ability to push themselves to what they want, and it’s time you use that for what you love (or at least for who you’re crushing on). The Mercury retrograde in Leo is going to road block this, however. You may feel insecure about any venture, but this is the revolution you’ve been waiting for. Time to throw away any insecurity and go for it.

This week, stop subtweeting your crush and start texting!


Last week was full of ups and downs, but this week it may be smooth sailing.

With the Sun now in Leo, your fiery confidence will definitely get a boost, but the Mercury retrograde in Leo may communicate this confidence as arrogance to those around you. With the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, you will be drawn toward being proactive and using the energy from Leo to achieve something you thought you wouldn’t be able to do. You will realize not only dreams and wants, but how to get them as well.

This week, hit the to-do list and work late for once.


Say hello to the spotlight this week Capricorn, as the Sun and Leo have decided to go easy on you and have even given you the need for attention.

With the Sun quincunx Saturn, you will fight between your self interests and the interests of the group, but because of the Mercury Retrograde in Leo, you will find yourself giving in to the interests of the group, which will make you ever so popular. The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse will reveal a great need for you, but maybe it isn’t a great time to chase it. This week, enjoy the company of others.

You’re allowed to go out on weeknights.


Last week was a time for taking a break, but now it’s time to go into the planning stages of your life’s goals.

On Wednesday, Venus will sesqui quadrate Uranus, and it will be time to start expressing your femininity. Put your energies into thinking about how you want the world to see you. With the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, you may realize you want the world to see you differently than how you originally thought. The Mercury retrograde in Leo will just increase your insecurity on your self image. This week, think before you speak so no one gets the wrong impression.

It’s all about sticking a filter on it.


Your imagination is finally going back into overdrive as Neptune collides with your exalted planet Venus, and the Sun, which rules Leo.

On Monday the Sun sesqui quadrate Neptune and will cause some friction with friends, but will allow you to draw inspiration from these conflicts. The Mercury retrograde in Leo will only make things worse with your friends, so don’t get worked up by any conflicts and lie low. Tuesday, Venus will go opposite Neptune, which will allow you to be grounded in your work and bring it to life. The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse will give you some insight into where you want your life to go.

This week, take some alone time and let things blow over. You’ve got personal growth to focus on.