Story Time: God is REAL, with proof (NOT CLICKBAIT)


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Story Time: God is REAL, with proof (NOT CLICKBAIT)

LMS if u cried :-(

Though I'm ashamed to admit my sin, I have to confess that my Twitter feed is not always the most godly place. Most of it is twinks sniping at each other over Ariana's new album rollout, and the rest is shit-posting and/or porn.

But that's why I know what I saw really was a miracle. God somehow managed to cut through the cacophony of angry stans on my TL and present me with a message, proof of his existence! It came in the form of this tweet:

And I know what you're thinking: someone just made that up for retweets! That didn't happen! Who were these people?

To which I say burn in hell, nonbeliever! And Madi, the high school volleyball player/holy vessel agrees with me:

The only thing about this entire story that gives me pause is Madi occasionally sharing fake news. Like the time she tweeted a thicc edit of Supreme Court Justice Judge Judy:

But Madi wouldn't lie. Not about God. Read the story again and tell me the Spirit isn't moving within you. Goosebumps!