Incels are now writing guides on having sex with underage girls in Thailand


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Incels are now writing guides on having sex with underage girls in Thailand

It is disgusting

An incel – one of those creeps who think women owe him sex – has published a chilling travel guide for seducing teen girls in Thailand. He's a 26-year-old white guy named Fabian, and he spent three weeks abroad hooking up with girls he referred to as "jailbait."

"Fucked 10 girls including two 17 year old JB's, none of them hookers," says Fabian, whose screen name is itsOVER. "Here's how you can do it too…"

He then shares photos of him kissing girls who look extremely young – one still has braces – and gives advice on other incels can do the same. His favorite girls, he says, were the two 17-year-olds.

Fabian's pictures of a teenage girl he seduced

"Don't overcomplicate it," he says when telling incels how they should talk to girls. "Have 4 or 5 messages on tinder, then ask for her LINE ID. Once there, carry on talking a bit about BS stuff (school, work, hobbies etc, the usual shit). Then ask her when she's free, and arrange a meet.

"IMPORTANT: If she is hesitant, or says 'maybe' she's free on xxx date, or says 'not sure' or anything else like that, it's OVER, move on. [South East Asian] girls are massive timewasters so you have to be harsh when cutting them out here. Any hint of being a timewaster = cut her loose. Don't spend large amounts of time on any one girl, it's pointless. If they like you, they'll meet quickly."

Fabian advises taking girls for cheap dates and asking if they want to come back to his to watch a movie. "If a Thai girl comes back to your room, 90% of the time she's willing to fuck you," he says. "I've literally only failed with a Thai girl once when I've got her back to my room."

He then rates the girls he slept with:

"With that said, I think girl number 3 was decent, girl 6 was OK, and girls 4, 8 and 9 were fuckable enough. Girls 1, 2 and 7 were definitely on the dodgy side, especially 7, although I was kinda reverse catfished there and it was a case of bang or go home and wank. Girls 6 and 8 were haloed a bit by being 17 year old JB's. The rest were just below average but not downright awful… Best sex was with girl 6 as I nailed her in her family home while some of them were in the next room."

Going to South East Asia under the impression that hooking up with girls is easier than in the West is a common incel belief. On the forum where Fabian posted his jailbait hook-up guide, other incels congratulate him for getting laid. "Top effort," says one. "I am legitimately considering doing the same. Especially now that you’ve done it successfully," adds another. "It seems so affordable for an amazing life experience and I’d have everything I want in life even for a short period."

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