Your weekly horoscopes are here, and it’s time to reinvent yourself for the new season


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Your weekly horoscopes are here, and it’s time to reinvent yourself for the new season

You know what I’m talking about

Forget January 1 — years and years of school have conditioned us to think the real new year, the real fresh start is happening right now. Today, millions of us are going back to school. And even if you've long-since graduated, it's hard to not associate that first hint of autumnal breeze with a new wardrobe, fresh supplies, and an anything-can-happen feeling of reinvention. Who among us hasn't fantasized about arriving on the first day back to anything completely transformed, strangers and people who've known us for years buzzing about our difference. With fewer than two weeks of summer left, the time to make that change is here.


I don't have to lecture to you about reinvention. You're absolutely obsessed with changes you can make to capture even more attention. Movie makeovers are your catnip, and I'd be willing to bet money you've got actual spreadsheets and iPhone notes dedicated to all the changes, physical and mental, you plan one making. I'd also bet they're all half-finished. Because that's so typical Aries, isn't it? The master of grand schemes and superhuman ideas, completely abandoned when you lose interest and want to focus on the next thing. That's why you've got to take it one thing at a time if you ever want to get anything done. Pick one area to focus on and do it. Cross it off the list. Then pick another. Before you know it, you'll have actually fulfilled those ideals you've been dreaming and scheming about since seventh grade.


With you, Taurus, trying to make a change is like pulling fucking teeth. Your bedroom's looked the same your entire life. Your cute but sensible hair gets a trim every three weeks on the dot. Your wardrobe is full of well-constructed basics (I'm not calling you basic, I'm just saying you def love Madewell) and I know you've got an un-chipped gel manicure right now. Me telling you to finally shake it up probably sets off major alarm bells, but what if you took it slow? Get some bright nail polish, cut some bangs, use u instead of you in a text message! Live just a little bit — you can't be the designated driver at every party, you know?


This won't devolve into a two-face thing, trust me. You're not some split-personality fake, you just have so many interests and hobbies that you've never quite fell into your niche. Some days you wake up wanting to be a black turtleneck-wearing art hoe, some days you want to wear a matching sweater set, some days you're a fur-coated fashion girl — sometimes all in the same day! If you've ever been called fake, it's probably because you throw yourselves into these different roles and looks because you really do just want to be different one day to the next. Here's the thing, though: there's a way to do and be everything and everyone without compromising the unique you factor of it all. You can try it all without losing yourself. Picture your ideal you in your head. Then add extras.


You've been wanting to make a change for a while, but your friends and family may be less than supportive. It's not because they don't love you, but because they see you as someone who doesn't need fixing or changing as transformation. That's the whole thing though, isn't it? You do such a good job at presenting this completely together facade. You've got the grades, the looks, the friendships — to everyone else, that is. When someone asks "Hey! How are you?" you're quick to give a cheery "Fine!" and volley the question right back. You don't let anyone see your cracks, so no one thinks they even exist. Now, you've got to focus on yourself. We're firmly in the time when we can afford to be selfish. Take the plunge, make the change, and when people ask you about it, tell them the truth for once: "I did it for me."


Before we get into your horoscope, read Cancer's above. We're going to apply the same logic to your life. While a Cancer may either try to cover up her feelings or deflect, you've got a lot of feelings to talk about…but they're all suspiciously good. Someone asks how you are you hit them with a "FANTASTIC!" followed by about 30 reasons why you are, in fact, fantastic. And while it's great that you're projecting confidence, no one is doing that fantastic all the fantastic fucking time. You need to be more vulnerable. No one will think less of you if sometimes you admit you're having a rough time or you've failed at a task or you just want someone to listen to you. People gravitate naturally towards you because of your confidence, Leo, but they'll only stay if you offer up something beyond a shiny surface. You've got way more to offer.


The name of your game this season? Letting go. You've got all the master planning skills of an Aries, but you actually have the followthrough to get them done. Here's the problem, though: you don't just want to make yourself over — you want to annex and fix everyone in your life. Tell me how many times you've been talking to someone and been mentally making them over in your head? Maybe you like your crush so much but feel genuinely embarrassed by something incredibly minor like a haircut? It's not actually shallow, you just want everyone to be the best they can be because you care about them so much. Deep down, you know it's off-putting but you feel like you can't stop trying to turn everyone (friends, family, significant others) and everything (parties, class discussions, dates) into your next project. Now is the time to internalize. Your incredible ideas and work ethic can live elsewhere.


Technically, it's by definition impossible to improve upon perfection. But it won't stop you from trying. You fixate on trying to transform your physical features into the next level of perfection, even if they're already great to begin with. You know that scene in Mean Girls where everyone goes around and talks about what features they hate even though they look perfectly fine? That's you all the time. It can be irritating to those around you but the thing no one understands is you're not just fishing for compliments — you really do feel like you're constantly bubbling under the surface of your "true potential." Perfection is a moving target, Libra. Your reinvention needs to be a complete cease and desist on reinvention.


One of the best things about a Scorpio is how in tune to feelings you guys are, and it's the main reason why everyone needs some Scorpios in their life. But the ability to take in words and turn them into feelings can also be your downfall. The other side of the coin is a misinterpretation of feelings. No, your friend saying she needs to go study isn't a dig at you and your grades. No, someone rescheduling a date isn't part of some larger conspiracy to pour pig blood on you at the prom. Feeling deeply is an incredible gift, but taking things in good faith and at face-value will the the traits that save you from yourself.


On some levels, you're lightyears ahead of your peers: you know moments are fleeting, you know how to read situations and improve moods, and you know how to have fun. But what you still haven't quite grasped yet is the maturity to know that it's okay to be earnest. If you make a confession or confide in someone about things you don't like about yourself, you feel the need to wrap it in some kind of self-deprecating joke. Sags pride themselves on being the life of the party and live in fear of killing the vibe. Here's your loophole: you don't need to act that way around your friends. Let your guard down, voice dissatisfactions, and make a plan to fix them. You don't have to go it alone.


I can hear you all the way from here: What more can I possibly do? I get it, Cap. You're on all the committees, all the teams, in all the groups. But are you really? Sure, you show up but you're just going through the motions because you think that's what you're supposed to do. You aren't actually reaping any benefits because you're not taking five minutes to breathe and soak up your surroundings. Look at it like this: you workout because you want to be healthy and look hot, sure. But when you're in the gym, are you feeling your muscles tense when you grip the weights? Are you marveling at your own strength as you get better and better? Are you really reveling in the feeling of hot lungs and ragged breath and thanking your body for the fucking incredible task it just did and enjoying pushing yourself to the edge? Or are you just there because it's one more thing to tick off your to-do list? There's a differencing between hearing and listening.


You've probably gotten this far and wondering how you're supposed to make any kind of change if you're not sure of anything? And I get that! One of the best things about you is your endless curiosity with basically everything. You're more caught up in the bigger questions of life than how your peers perceive you. On some levels, that's great. That mentality keeps you from getting bogged down in insecurities that plague others. But on the other hand, you're so worried about things you'll probably never be able to change that you're completely neglecting things you can. If you want to make things happen on a macro level, you need to start small. And you also need to start taking care of yourself. It's not selfish to worry about your own needs, and you can definitely help more people if you first help yourself.


There's so much you want to do, lil fish, and so many reasons why you think you can't. What I'll never understand about you guys is how you can be so good at building up your friends and family but so bad at doing the same thing for yourself. You can be such an Oprah, inspiring those around you to rise the occasion and make moves. But when it comes to you buckling down and standing up each time you're knocked down, there's a mental block there. I won't call it a victim mentality because it's not that sinister — you just have a hard time believing in your own ability. Compliments others pay you go in one ear and out the other, while any kind of criticism stays with you for a lifetime. So here's what you're going to do: pay attention to both in equal measure. When someone affirms you, hold onto that. Hoard compliments, stack them like bangles, and use them when you hear that voice of self-doubt creeping in. With so many people on your side, it's impossible to fail.