Your horoscopes for the first week of September are here, and love may be mistaken for lust


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Your horoscopes for the first week of September are here, and love may be mistaken for lust

We all miss somebody in the fall

As Virgos across the land are busy celebrating the start of their new year, there remains a special kind of magic in the air. It could be the lingering energy from this past Full Moon, or you could just be riding that fall cuffing-mania high, feeling some type of way about someone in particular.

But be sure to manifesting the energy of the New Moon on the 9th. Let us solidify relationships by stripping down, casting a love spell and locking something special down for fall.

Here’s what the week leading up to the 9th looks like for ya:


You know that shortness of breath you feel during a strenuous, outdoorsy Tinder date that makes you really regret adding that you “live for adventure” and “like to hike” in your bio? That’s how you’re feeling this week.

But it’s time to be straight with yourself. Stop doing things for other people that you don’t really want to do, and update that profile to let people know what you’re really into. They’ll (hopefully) love you for it, and your calves might love you even more.

A song to inspire you this week: “Solo” by Clean Bandit // Demi Lovato


Nobody knows quite what kind of energy you’re channeling this week, but share it with the rest of us! You’re coming up with a lot of creative ideas, and your gut feelings are bound to be spot on. Just make sure to listen and ACT ON THEM! Use that ever-so-valuable Taurus patience to manifest these creations into reality, and trust yourself. You’re making magic, baby.

A song to inspire you this week: “Imagination” by Gorgon City // Katy Menditta


Whew, what a week last week am I right Gemini? You’re finally crawling back from that unexpected funk you’ve been in, and after taking a step away from it and reassessing, the universe is aligning and sliding you back into that groove of yours. What do you feel like you need? A pole-dancing class? A text from an ex? A paper bag to breathe into? All three at the same time? If anyone can pull it off and look good doing it this week, it’s you.

A song to inspire you this week: “On Hold” (Jamie xx Remix) by The XX


There’s a lot emerging for you this week Cancer, and it’s all happening rapidly. Keep things afloat by using those heightened communication skills you’ll be receiving, thanks to Mercury coming into Virgo on the 5th. There have been a lot of thoughts on your mind lately that you’ve been afraid will cause a crisis, but this is your opportunity to share those and have a higher chance of positive outcomes! Either way, I promise you’ll feel liberated afterwards.

A song to inspire you this week: “Time Is Up” by Poppy


You’ve been rising and grinding for a while now and you’re ready to see those results, Leo. Don’t you fret, the Sun in Virgo is flashing abundance all throughout the work and financial aspects of your life. That said, you might not be feeling very worthy lately. It’s time for some self-care, my friend. Cover all of the bases to bring that confident mindset we all love so much back home. Massages, affirmations, all that woo-woo good stuff.

A song to inspire you this week: “Better” by SG Lewis // Clairo


I cordially invite you to celebrate a baller week, because this one’s just going to keep getting better and better! With the Sun in your sign and the Moon and Mercury stumbling into the party a little later on this week, you’ll be riding good vibes all the way to the 9th, when you’ll cap it of by celebrating the New Moon. Your presence is LITERALLY a blessing to those around you this week. Enjoy the extra love and attention.

A song to inspire you this week: “Hella Good” by No Doubt


The New Moon at the end of the week is going to affect you the most, Libra, and it’s all about romantic relationships. The universe might be nudging a new relationship into your life, or possibly even rekindling one from the past? Yeah, that ex that you forgot to block on all social media platforms after you split up? All you need to do is make time in your schedule to get a little closer!

A song to inspire you this week: “Get To Know Ya – KAYTRANDA Flip” by NAO


It’s all or nothing with you this week, Scorpio, as you test sweet and gentle Venus’ limits by lusting after a deeper, more intimate connection. Superficial flings are not for you. You’ve got your eyes set and teeth sunken into a vision, and we all know that a Scorpio gets what a Scorpio wants. Hone your hypnotic skills, and you’ll have a tasty treat woven into your web in no time.

A song to inspire you this week: “Tear You Apart” by She Wants Revenge


You’ve got your bullet journal bursting with plans, you’ve crossed a lot off of your to-do list, but you still haven’t hit your targets of personal satisfaction, little archer. Now may be the time to find a mentor to give you some of the guidance you so desperately seek. Mercury in Virgo is here to help you make these connections with ease. You just have to get out there!

A song to inspire you this week: “Hunnybee” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra


Are you still breathing? Annie, are you okay? Are you okay, Annie? The Mars retrograde in your sign has had you dragging, so we need to pump some life back into that soulless body of yours! It’s time to start planning a well-deserved trip. Let’s change up your scenery a bit, shall we? Your spirits will lift, and you’ll feel a lot better about taking on the world. It still counts as travel even if you go to the next town over, right? Just do something outside of your normal routine.

A song to inspire you this week: “Under The Pressure” by The War On Drugs


Now is the time for more honesty in your life, Aquarius — with yourself, with your family and friends. It may even be a favorable time for you to open up a little bit more to somebody close to you. Perhaps share something you’ve never told anyone else before? The words will come, I promise. You just have to be willing to create a space for these conversations.

A song to inspire you this week: “Maybes – RAC Mix” by Griffage // Japanese Breakfast


‘Tis the season for connections and partnerships, dear fish! However, you’ll soon have a realization about the kind of company you want to keep. The lineup of people around you might call for some substitutions. As empathetic and generous you are with your affection towards others, you need to be done putting up with all the unnecessary bullshit. Focus this week on setting boundaries, and spending time with those who make your soul feel nourished!

A song to inspire you this week: “5 A.M.” by Kartell