Kids these days will never know the glory of old school WorldStar fight videos


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Kids these days will never know the glory of old school WorldStar fight videos

Where were you when the WorldStar stopped turning?

"WORLDSTAR!" comes the cry from the crowd, screamed in the direction of a two brawling girls wearing cheap maxi-dresses in the basement of a Wendy's in suburban Cincinnati. The women slap each other, pull their hair and roll around while silent cashiers pour Frosties for waiting customers. For a brief moment, we all feel alive.

You never knew what happened to the brave fighters of WorldStar. Whether they lived to brawl again or faced public disturbance charges was of no consequence to you. You had your brief distraction from the horrors of your own life and were satisfied.

WorldStarHipHop (To use its Christian name) was never about the Hip Hop, it was about the purest fight video compilations available on the internet. It spawned a generation of teens screaming "WORLDSTAR" and smacking their friend in the month in their high school cafeteria. It was a movement.

  • But fast forward to this, the year of our lord 2018, and what has Worldstar become?

    Allow me to show you their Instagram page at the timing of writing:

    From left to right we have here: OBJ doing a lil dance to Drake, a pretty unfunny basic white girl meme and a video of some rapper called FatboySSE holding a box of cereal. Now maybe I'm being unfair here, you can't just take three random posts out of context and be all "WorldStar lowkey fell off for real" so let's dig deeper here.

    Yes that is correct. WORLDSTARHIPHOP, previously home to the most raw and powerful footage on this big old internet, is now shilling out FRENCH TOAST VIDEOS. Look, I'm a human being, I understand that there is a time and a place for delicious Tasty videos.

    And the rest is more of the same. I get that we're at the point where you can't post whatever you want (cos advertisers are lil bitches) but surely they didn't have to go down the route of your local ratchet meme account?

    WorldStar used to have a brand, they used to post sick fights, rap beef and in many ways, were the original Vine. Now they're just like everyone else, fading into the obscurity of overcooked memes, FuckJerry rejects and brioche french toast????