This cuffing season, tie down your career with this app instead of another future ex


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This cuffing season, tie down your career with this app instead of another future ex

Finally, a meaningful, lasting relationship

Cuffing season is in full force, but I really don’t have time to spend the fall and winter snuggling up to a temporary bae-soon-to-be-foe-coz-I’ll-probably-get-dropped-come-spring. No, I should be focusing on me, myself and my career prospects because that’s what’s going to put food on the table and a frozen marg in my hand. 

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Enter Shapr. This Tinder and LinkedIn love child empowers you to swipe right on like-minded professionals, which means you can meet potential employers, founders and mentors. It’s like a match made in professional heaven, with absolutely no unsolicited dick pics to unsweeten the deal, unlike Matt who you haven’t spoken to since last April, but likes to crop up with the occasional “wyd”. 

All you have to do is download the app and fill in your profile like you would a dating profile, but with your skills, experience, and some personal interests like yoga or photography. Shapr is professional but it is not a resume holder, it is all about meeting new people and making real connections. The app is set up to get you off your phone and having a call or coffee to really connect.

We spoke to one user, Loveita, who told us: “Shapr has helped me to network with like-minded individuals within a span of a month. After being on an experimental television show, I recognized that I was not as outgoing as I thought I was. I realized that I was heavily influenced by the people I surrounded myself with. Therefore, when I heard of Shapr, I knew it could help me grow and flourish in my personal and professional life.”

Really, Shapr is the easiest, simplest way to make your job dreams a reality. No lame networking events, no handing outdated business cards and definitely no awkward in-person small talk. Just swiping, chatting, moving on swiftly if it’s not the right fit OR moving in the right direction down your career path.

Who needs a winter squeeze when you’ve got job success and confidence keeping you warm at night?

Download Shapr now from the App or Android Store here and start making the right moves for your career