Your weekly love horoscopes are here, and all hell is about to break loose


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Your weekly love horoscopes are here, and all hell is about to break loose

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya

Apologies in advance for the week ahead. Remember the fight scene from Mean Girls after the Burn Book was leaked? Allow me to remind you:

  • Yeeeah, not to be dramatic but that's not too far off from what this week has in store for us. With a Venus retrograde and a new moon on the horizon, things are about to get seriously messy — especially in the romance department. Here's what it means for your sign:


    The new moon in your house of partnership is pushing you to schedule some one-on-one time. Mercury going into Scorpio gives you the words you need to get your point across as it'll probably be an especially intense conversation. The planets are helping to make things “official” for you, but you may just need to be the one to name the relationship.

    New Slang (Triple J for Like A Version) by Vallis Alps


    Temptation to get completely buck-wild over the upcoming spooky holiday won’t be as intense if you start taking care of yourself now, Taurus. Get a routine down that’s all about your health and wellness. Honestly, times have been a little fucked lately and making sure you’re okay is top priority. Don’t feel guilty about it either. How the hell are you supposed to do the damn thing if you can barely function?

    Self Care by Mac Miller


    If you hopped on that “carpe diem” tattoo bandwagon (please no), it’s time to flaunt that shit, Gem. Stop second guessing yourself like you always do, just pick something already and go with it! If it doesn’t turn out the way you were hoping, at least you know what doesn’t work for you and move on to the next thing. The go-with-the-flow attitude may be hard to keep up with Venus in retrograde, but if you want to get anything done this month besides sitting on your ass binge-watching Friends for the 13th time, you’re going to have to hustle to carpe that mf diem.

    Moon by Blood Cultures


    Venus is in retrograde which means people aren’t going to be as bright and cheery as we hoped. This is especially true for you, Cancer. Make sure to write out your apology cards in advance…. This retrograde specifically has you with a short fuse regarding your relationships. Buried tensions emerge, you’ll be questioning if this relationship is even worth it and lash out as a result of your confusion. It honestly might just be best to go hide in your shell until the retrograde is over.

    Inhale Exhale by Nao


    People are going to be testing you this week, Leo, and it’s best you know your facts and not rely solely on that charm of yours. & Venus being in retrograde is seriously crushing your typical easy, breezy, beautiful communication vibes, so you’ll just have to find other ways to win people over. Play nice this week and try not to get sucked into the drama.

    Doesn’t Matter by Christine and the Queens


    How can a girl make a quick buck in these trying times? Luckily, the planets are sending you a new opportunity to make more dough, (to spend on Babe hats for you and your crew ) all of your money moves are finally paying off! Now is a good time to read up on some boss babes who have created the kind of career you want to have, and follow suit. This week: Find a couple of awesome women in your field to cultivate inspiration from!

    Calabria 2008 by Enur


    The Libra New Moon is your time to REINVENT. CHANGE. You can easily fall for short-term flings, you love that emotional intensity, but do those really satisfy you, Libra? Venus retrograding in Scorpio has that need for intensity amplified, but history doesn’t need to keep repeating for you, especially if you just keep ending up in the same place when things fizzle out. This week your happiness should be bumped up the top of your to-do list, and stability is known to make a Libra happy.

    Breathe Again by Couros


    The cosmic happenings are shining a very unflattering light on you and you want nothing to do with it. Your love department is going to feel just “meh” and your self-confidence isn’t much better. You’re going to be feeling fiery, misunderstood, and super critical of yourself. This week change your hair, do a clothing swap, just give yourself something different to look at! This feeling may linger until November 15th so get a solid support network around you to help lift you when you’re feeling low.

    Cry! by Caroline Rose


    You’re almost able to dodge all of the cosmic chaos going on, but honestly everyone else is acting so whack that you can’t help but get caught up in the middle of it. Plus, people won’t be taking your normally well-received blunt honesty too kindly this week either. The best advice I can give to you is just reign in it, Sag. Focus on yourself while this all blows over and then revive life to your social circle by getting everyone together. (Haunted house??? )

    Off The Ground by Anderson .Paak


    This week has you bending over backwards emotionally, Capricorn. New things are happening regarding your career, but you’re frustrated not knowing what the future holds. Mercury is on your side in terms of communication, but also brings drama right along with it. Your self-confidence may feel as though it's hanging on by a thread as well. I don’t know what to tell you girl. Maybe go join Cancer in their shell until the stars get it together…

    Slacks by St. South


    If you didn’t read your horoscope last week, go do that and meet me back here. All caught up? Great! Now that you’ve cleared space in your life, you have room to evolve! The reason people love you so much is because of your uniqueness and versatile personality, show the world a new side of yourself. If you’re afraid of what other people will think, they’re too busy riding out this emotional hurricane to focus on anything but their own issues, there’s no better time than right now. To help you with this, ask yourself: Who do you want to be, how do you want the world to see you?

    Outré Lux by Photay / Madison McFerrin


    Let’s review the footage of the past few months, Pisces. What was working for you? What had you hurt and biting your tongue? When could you have had a little bit more compassion and less of an attitude? These are all questions to think about as things from your past are going to crop up this week. Which aspects do you want to keep around and which are you going to beat right back into the past like a Whack-A-Mole?

    anemone by slenderbodies