Your weekly horoscope is here, and you have to start thinking about yourself


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Your weekly horoscope is here, and you have to start thinking about yourself

When did you last take some me time?

Coming at you live with some compassionate, authentic realness. Last week was a trip, stirring up the old and bringing about much needed change. You may have been challenged, making you question yourself and how you interact with the world. When that happens, we need some guidance on how find our footing again, so here are some gentler, heartfelt suggestions on how to be better babes. <3


Continue to proceed with caution this week, Aries. It seems as though something (or someone?) is lurking in the background just waiting for an opportunity to pop out of the bushes and back into your life. You live an exciting life, of course others want to be a part of it. What you need is a new kind of manscaping, cut back on those you’re letting hang around you and feed off of your attractive independent energy. This is sparking back up for a reason. Either feed the flame with full intent or stomp out the fire. If not, it’ll just come back around again to burn you.

Virile by The Blaze


I’m going to have to ask you take a step back this week, Taurus. You’re going to feel a little disconnected with those around you, that’s okay, don’t try to force anything or else it’s just gonna be awk. If old feelings come up though, be upfront and talk about them! Communication is key. Think back to being a child, if you made a mistake, you were encouraged to keep trying so you could learn. Same thing goes for you with communication, you might not get it exactly right the first time around but if you don’t practice speaking your mind and sharing your feelings, you’re always going to be on different pages as others.

Ambre by Else


Relationships are needing some attention from you this week Gemini, and it’s not because you’re not talking, (you never fucking stop…!) it’s because you’re not talking about what’s really going on, how you really feel about things. You’re having a hard time being honest with yourself, and in turn aren’t be honest with others and just telling people what they want to hear. Take off your mask and be honest with yourself and the world. You’ll be happier and find what you’re looking for.

All There Is by Chrome Sparks / Steffaloo


Check out the book Attached: The New Science Of Adult Attachment And How It Can Help You Find – And Keep – Love. Or if you’re busy AF like the rest of us, just take the quiz online and read up a bit on your attachment style. TBH, you’ve had a past of connecting with people who have a conflicting attachment style and that’s the reason you’re not feeling satisfied romantically. This should give you some insight into how you operate in relationships, and the type of partner that would be best suited for you.

On The Low by Tove Styrke


You may be feeling unusually needy, and for your ego, this is uncomfortably unfamiliar territory. This is showing you a completely new side to yourself. Confidently navigate this time by gathering comfort and support for yourself. Get a cuddle buddy, get a fuck buddy, whatever you need to get your needs met right now. Be clear about your boundaries and what exactly you’re looking for and communicate those clearly to your counterpart so they can know exactly where the lines are drawn and the role you’re allowing them to fill for you. There are people out there who want the same things you do, being upfront about it is the easiest way to find that.

Reflections by MisterWives


If there’s anything to know about Virgo, it’s that you’re pure AF. But are you able to easily translate your intentions to others? Do you know your communication style? It’s never a bad time to learn more about yourself, do a quick Google search to figure out the way you best communicate and pick up some tips on how to get your point across more clearly. Your search may even open your eyes to the fact that others may have different styles of communicating than you do, and you’ll learn to understand them better. Clear communication = harmony!

Baby by Tei Shi


In the wise words of Ron Swanson: “Never half-ass two things. Whole ass one thing.” So whatcha gonna do? Keep stretching yourself thin, never getting anything done because you’re not investing enough energy into one thing? Or are you going to pick one thing and finish it before moving onto the next? It’s time get clear on what you’re looking to accomplish. Look up “bullet journaling” on Pinterest or YouTube. Have fun creating intentions and then planning them out in front of you in a colorful way. Getting shit done doesn’t have to be boring.

Australia by The Shins


Are there some people you should be apologizing to, Scorpio? If nothing comes to mind immediately, think back to your distant past. Is there someone you really fucked over that you forgot about? (Maybe writing "Amber D'Alessio masturbated with a hotdog” in a Burn Book somewhere???) Trust me, you do not want that bad karma lingering around out there. Reach out and make amends, you could even make a friend!

Reconstruct by Photay / Seafloor


Remember when Anna Farris sang her forgiveness song in Just Friends” Though awful, it comes with an important message. Here are the lyrics: "Forgiveness Is more than saying sorry, forgiveness means accepting people's flaws. To forgive is divine, o let's have a glass of wine, and have make up sex until the end of time (time, time, time).”

So what can we take away from this? Obvi that forgiveness means we get wine and sex (sometimes, if we’re lucky), but more importantly, it means accepting people’s flaws. Where can you practice forgiveness? Lord knows Sagittarians can hold a grudge, but that’s probably just eating away at you. You don’t have to be friends, but forgive and let it go for your own well being!

Just Before Dawn by Sonnymoon


A book for you: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. If you’re incapable of reading anything over 250 characters, watch videos on YouTube about this book. Something you’re going to want to learn is to get a perspective on the habits you’ve fallen into in your daily life. Do you wake up and immediately scroll through your phone, are you tired of using alcohol as a means to cope, as opposed to something fun? Check yourself and your tendencies so you can learn how to cut them out and to instill better habits.

Dump by Kero Kero Bonito


For you this week, ask some trusted friends and loved ones to be blunt and honest with you about things you could improve on personally, just ask them to be gentle delivering their perspective to you. Take what they say into consideration and see if it’s something you’ve noticed as well and want to change. Hearing this stuff might not be easy, but this outside viewpoint will help you have a better understanding on how you come off and it will help you adjust your image. More than likely this will build trust in your relationship and you can be more candid with one another.

Looking For by Mizan


The quickest way to discover more about yourself is to do some solo traveling (or if you’re feeling wild, move across the country by yourself to a place you know no one, like I did!). You’ll be outside of your comfort zone and will have to take on new situations without the comfort of friends or a partner. What you do is completely in your hands. This shows you how you truly react to challenges, and allows you to do things you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet because you’ve had to take into account what others were feeling up for. It’s an uncomfortable experience, but it will be fun and rewarding! Take some time experiencing the world alone this week. Turn your phone off. Take yourself on a date. Go on a trip. Do whatever you want! Have fun!

Holy by Jamila Woods