Raise your hand if you’ve experienced this horribly spooky dating trend


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Raise your hand if you’ve experienced this horribly spooky dating trend

The haunting remains of a non-relationship

We all know dating requirement number one in 2018 is consume all of their #content. I mean, Instagram stories were practically invented so we'd have a place to post the person we're dating before tricking them into the exclusivity conversation.

But being single and going on dates in your 20s is only fun until you realize it's a never ending cycle of getting to know someone, texting until you don't, and then seeing them on your IG Story watch list every day until you die or delete all of your social media.

In a way, it makes sense we're so quick to exchange handles on dating apps, and in many cases before we've even met. It's like an early vetting system. Viewing someone's IG Stories gives you a pretty damn clear indication of who they are and what they're going to be like three months down the line.

We can see if they post everything they eat before they eat it, we can see if they're the kind of person who posts "Ask me something" boxes on their Story, and most importantly, we can see if they have any friends, since it's nearly impossible to tell from the first few dates. It also avoids the whole awkward getting to know someone though text phase.

But what happens when we stop seeing them, but they don't stop seeing us?

There was simpler time when I was sure there couldn't be anything crueler than ghosting, but we can't even commit to that anymore. Now, even after we go our separate ways, they still watch our Instagram Stories and Snapchats, like our pics and tweets, and comment, but we don't actually talk anymore. They're haunting us by keeping tabs on every aspect of our life, until they decide they want back in.

What guys don't seem to realize is most women have a massive stable of men we've been on a few dates with doing this to us — keeping their options open, without any commitment or contact.

I guess this Halloween I’m just going to dress up as a ghost and go as all my ex dates who still watch my Instagram story but refuse to like my pics or call.