Scorpio season, the season of death, is upon us so prepare for loss and transformation


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Scorpio season, the season of death, is upon us so prepare for loss and transformation

Our souls are evolving

Today, October 23, marks the first day of Scorpio season, so prepare to have your mind blown and your pussy ate. Totally Kidding. You're actually going to die! But in an exhilarating, death-brings-light kind of way.

Death in tarot is the equivalent of Scorpio in astrology. And because Death is a card of transformation, and typically refers to needing to start completely over by letting go of the past, Scorpio season is a time to embrace cycles of life, death, consequence, and deep transformation.

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Endings, illness, profound change, letting go of attachments, failure, mortality, all of these things are only only evil if you give them the power to be. But Death also signifies new beginnings, and you can choose to live your life with the kind of boldness that level of intensity requires.

Because Death's element is also water, you cannot (and will not) be able to be fully reborn without first cycling through all of the feelings it takes to get over something or someone. You will cycle through grief — denial, anger, bargaining, depression — before coming out on the other end with a loving acceptance of your past and the way it's shaped you into the person you are in this season.

This death will not be physical, it will be spiritual — the end of something important. But the real value in the card is that death is accompanied by birth, always. You'll finally be able to say goodbye so that you can say hello to something new.

Scorpio is all of the things people prefer to talk about behind closed doors, but it's time to embrace the darker side of life. Put to rest who you've been, so there's room and light for you to open up to who you are going to be.