Here’s every important day for every zodiac sign this month — you’re welcome


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Here’s every important day for every zodiac sign this month — you’re welcome

We love a new month

There's something so reassuring about the 1st of a new month. It's a clean slate to do with whatever we choose, and this month there's a lot going on in the heavens you'll want to be aware of.

Here are the days you should mark in your G-Cal depending on your sign:


Wednesday, November 7th ? – An important day for your intimate relationships (or lack thereof). Relationships during scorpio season tend to be intensely passionate and romantic, so you may find yourself swept off your feet.

Thursday, November 8th ? – An ideal day for wrapping up your past and saying goodbye to things that no longer serve you. You cannot carry toxic people into December. Leave them here.

Friday, November 16 ? – On this day, you will learn to move on. Things you left behind on the 8th will feel like they are fully behind you for the first time in a long time. Breathe deeply, and remember this feeling.

Thursday, November 22 ✨ – Take what you've learned and use it to glow up. The 22nd is your clean slate. This is a perfect day to start implementing good habits, because they will stick with you for once.

Friday, November 23 ♥️ – Another major day for you in romance, the 23rd will be be full of live, light and luck. Don't focus on whether or not someone misses you, focus on the future and all of the love it holds.


Friday, November 2nd ? – Don't shoot the messenger, but the beginning of this month might be rocky for you — chances are you're already feeling it. Allow yourself time to relax today and tomorrow. This weekend will be a biggie.

Thursday, November 8th & Friday November 9th ? – These are going to be huge days for you regarding romance and intimacy. Your ruling planet will form ties with your love planets, leaving you lucky in love.

Friday, November 23rd ? – Good fortune is likely to come your way, as long as you remain open to other changes it may bring. With fortune comes power, and with power comes responsibility.

Thursday, November 29th ? – Think of yourself like a magnet today. You are going to be pulling people left and right — particularly people you've had difficulty attracting in the past.


Thursday, November 1 ☕️ – Today is a big day for you!! It may not feel like it, but once you've had another espresso things will pick up. Because your ruling planet is in line with your love planets, you will be unusually attractive to others.

Saturday, November 3rd ? – Oof, this is going to be a hard day to get through, but after the storm comes a golden rainbow. Avoid confrontation and going out. Try focusing on yourself and your health.

Sunday, November 4th & Monday, November 5th ? – Told you! These are going to be huge days for your relationship sector. Something left unfinished will come to you, offering you the opportunity to try again.

Friday, November 16th & Saturday, November 17th ? – Other people will be taking notice of you, so you'll want to be on your best behavior. It could be a potential suitor or even a boss, so you'll have to decide how to act when the time comes.


Thursday, November 1st ? – Today will bring good fortune to you in some way. This could be with a person you miss, or in a job you've felt stuck in. Just try not to expect too much. We feel most fortunate when we're surprised.

Tuesday, November 6th, Wednesday, November 7th & Thursday, November 8th ? – You're going to have a streak of days where you're capable of attracting anyone. But what's most attractive is what's inside! Don't let this week get to your head.

Wednesday, November 21st & Thursday, November 27th ? – These days will be full of opportunity. You are capable of anything, as long as you force yourself to put in the work. Do not let these days slip by unused.

Friday, November 23rd ? – This is going to be a shitty day for you, but we all have them. Just keep your head down and carve out time for yourself (yes, even on a Friday).

Monday, November 26th ☀️ – You're going to wake up feeling good, so set the alarm for 6. You'll want to soak up every single second of this day. The Moon is in your sign and you're more powerful than usual.


Friday, November 2nd & Saturday, November 3rd ? – These are going to be the most fortunate days you've had in a while. While money isn't necessarily the thing that appeals to you, something else does, and you'll be rolling in it.

Saturday, November 10th ? – Feeling the love! If there's something, or someone, you've been missing, you can expect they'll have you on the mind today. Drop them a line and you never know what might happen.

Thursday, November 22nd ✨ – Although the 21st is going to be a stressful day for you, the 22nd will certainly make up for it. With the Moon in your sign, you'll be feeling more you than ever. Use today to tune into what your soul needs next.

Sunday, November 26th & Monday, November 27th ? – You're going to be feeling like your best self towards the end of the month, and confidence is attractive to literally everyone. You're likely to pull, so be sure to be around someone you love.


Friday, November 2nd & Saturday, November 3rd ? – I hope you made plans this weekend, because the Moon is in your sign, and you are going to be in high spirits. Surround yourself with good friends, and let the stress slide off.

Sunday November 4th & Monday, November 5th ? – In fact, you've got a run of good days ahead. Sunday and Monday will bring good fortune in whatever form your heart desires. Just be careful not to be greedy. Spread your fortune around, and give some love out instead of just taking it in.

Friday, November 9th ? – Plan an outfit for this day, because you are going to be attracting someone you thought you'd lost along the way. They've been on your mind, and now you'll be on theirs.

Wednesday, November 21st & Thursday, November 22nd ? – Keep an eye out for turbulence. Luckily, it's in the middle of the week, so you can go home in the evening and unwind. Forget about FOMO, there is literally no need to go out.


Friday, November 2nd & Saturday, November 3rd ? – Hate to break it to you, but this weekend might be a bit more stressful than you were hoping. Knowing this, don't force yourself to do anything you don't want to. It's your weekend and you can use it how you like. Relax a little.

Monday, November 5th ✨ – This is set up to be an amazing day for you. The Moon is shining in your sign, and opportunity is calling! If there is an app you want to send out, or an important call you want to make, do it now.

Thursday, November 8th ? – Okay, sooo today is going to be huge for you as well. You're attractive, you're fortunate, you're lucky, is there anything you aren't? Circle this one in sharpie, because it's sure to change things.

Wednesday, November 14th ? – Keep an eye our for love. There's something you aren't ready to give up, and it is going to come to you. You will have to choose how to react.

Tuesday, November 27th ? – The end of the month is sure to be less fun than the beginning of the month, but this could be because you've had more responsibility bestowed upon you. Keep your chin up and remember all the ways you're lucky to be stressed.


Friday, November 2nd & Saturday, November 3rd ? – Some would say this is going to be a rough weekend for you, but I prefer to see it as an opportunity to get some shut eye and spend time time away from the world. We all need a little R & R sometimes.

Wednesday, November 7th ✨ – Not only is there a New Moon in your sign, but you have the opportunity to make something important happen. Whether that's in your love live or your professional life, only time will tell.

Friday, November 9th ? – You are going to be feeling hot, hot, hot, so wear something during the day that can easily transition into a going out outfit. Someone is going to be paying closer attention to you than usual. You can use this against them.

Saturday, November 17th ? – Today is a special day for romance. With the moon in your romance sector, you will be able to charm who and what you want.

Tuesday, November 27th & Wednesday, November 28th ? – Even though these days will with bring with them some unexpected pressures, it is because all eyes will be on you. In work and in love, you'll want to pay attention to who's watching.


Thursday, November 1st ? – You have a huge opportunity today to secure something you've been chasing after, so don't let the day slip by without pinning it down. Remain open to possibilities. Not everything comes in the form we expect.

Saturday, November 3rd ? – Well, well, well, all eyes on you. Don't do anything stupid today, okay? People (and I mean important people are watching), and you want them to admire you. This means suit up and stand tall.

Friday, November 9th ? – The Moon is in your sign, and love is on your side. Whether it's a crush or a budding romance, someone today is going to remind you how much they care for you. Let them in instead of shutting down for once.

Tuesday, November 20th ? – You already know you're hot, but today, other people will take note as well. If there's someone you're trying to impress, you'll want to be seen by them. Not only will they be impressed, they'll be smitten.

Tuesday, November 27th ? – Lucky and cute! I'm almost mad this is such a good month for you, but after October, you deserve all the love these planets can muster. Plan something special for this evening. You won't regret it.


Sunday, November 4th ? – With the Moon in your reputation sector, people will finally begin taking note of all the hard work you put in this past month. Remember to be humble. There's nothing more impressive than a successful person who is still sweet.

Thursday, November 8th ? – The beginning of a few really wonderful days, the 8th has all eyes on you, as people who have been sleeping on you begin to take note of how much you've changed. You don't have to go back to them, but you can.

Tuesday, November 13th ☁️ – The morning will feel foggy, but by afternoon the fog will clear, and you'll realize a situation that you thought was bad has actually brought you unexpected luck. Remember to always look towards the light.

Thursday, November 22nd ? – Finally, you can put work aside and focus on romance. The 22nd is a day where you where you will feel on top of the world, and it will show in everything you do. If you want the attention of someone, you have it.


Sunday, November 4th ? – If it's romance you're looking for, the 4th and the 5th are going to have all eyes on you. People you thought had moved on will begin realizing they haven't, and you'll have to decide how to move forward.

Wednesday, November 7th ? – This is going to be a crazy day for you, so make sure to get to sleep early the night before. Yes, the 7th will be draining, but it will also be exhilarating. With a New Moon in your reputation sector, you will be starting all over.

Wednesday, November 14th ? – Here comes opportunity! The 14th and 15th are open doors for you. Use them to propel yourself into your next big journey in life. Sometimes spontaneity can be planned.

Friday, November 23rd ? – A Full Moon in your romance and pleasure sector will leave you lucky in love. If there's something you want to say, or someone you want to do, you just have to say the word.


Thursday, November 1st ? – Whether you're feeling it or not, a certain someone cannot get you off their mind today. Use this to your advantage. It's not every day you're occupying someone's every thought.

Monday, November 5th ✨ – Finally, some good luck. You've had a hard go at it lately, but the sun in rising, and you are in its light. Fell it on your skin, will you?

Friday, November 9th ? – Although the 8th is going to prove tough, when you wake on the 9th with the Moon in your reputation sector, you will finally be rewarded for all of your hard work.

Friday, November 16th – Tuesday, November 20th ? – You're the only sign with a good run this long in November, so use it to your advantage! As the Moon moves into your sign, it will also move into your personal finance sector. Just make sure not to splurge! You'll need to save up for something exciting next month.