EXCLUSIVE: Mark Zuckerberg just joined the Harvard meme group


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EXCLUSIVE: Mark Zuckerberg just joined the Harvard meme group

‘Harvard Memes for Elitist 1% Tweens’ has been blessed by Zuck’s presence

Let this moment go down in history. On Wednesday, November 7th, our lord and savior Mark Zuckerberg joined the Facebook group "Harvard Memes for Elitist 1% Tweens," scrolled through some truly spicy memes made by sleep-deprived 18-year-old students who wished to offer groundbreaking commentary on the dining hall food, and even deigned to throw a couple likes here and there.

That's right — one of the wealthiest and most powerful CEOs in the entire world has taken the time out of his immeasurably busy and important day to pay a virtual visit to the plebeians who attend his alma mater.

"Sometimes ya gotta take a break from being the most powerful CEO to shitpost on a college meme page," one person commented. Zuck seemed to find this particularly amusing and gave him a like. And as the blue check mark next to his name suggests, this is in fact, the one and only Mark Zuckerberg. All hail the Father of Facebook!

This is not the first time that Harvard-related memes have garnered attention from public figures. A year ago, The Tab reported that ten incoming Harvard freshmen were rescinded because they shared highly offensive memes with each other in a private group message called "Harvard memes for horny bourgeoisie teens."

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