Your weekly horoscopes are here, and there are about a THOUSAND things in retrograde at once


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Your weekly horoscopes are here, and there are about a THOUSAND things in retrograde at once

You’ll want to see this

I can tell how freaked out you all are about love and relationships by the questions you’re submitting to Dr. Ross on the babe IG, but thankfully we can all take a GD breath, when Venus ends its retrograde on the 16th. On the other hand, Mercury goes into the retrograde that very same day…

No matter which planets are in retrograde, it’s no excuse to put up with BS. You deserve loving and healthy relationships! No one has time to fuck around with people who don’t care about you. Feel free to unapologetically bump thank u, next on repeat until December 6th. Until then, here’s what the stars have in store for you this week:


Even if you didn’t listen to my words of advice last week, this week you have no choice. The Universe is going to grab you by the hair and slow you down. Mars enters your house of healing & subconscious midweek, and you will be asked to take a break from the hustle for some much needed peace and quiet. This is perfect timing, because Mercury falls into retrograde not long after, causing communication to spiral out of control. If you are mindful and allow yourself time to relax this week, you will be spared.

Slow Burn by Kacey Musgraves


For you, this week revolves around taking a long hard look at your future. The planets have deemed this a very social time for you, encouraging you to perfect that social and professional network you’ve been working on. What visions and goals do you have? Make sure to get clear about them and share with others so you cannot stray from them. You may get some leads on job openings, learn a new skill, or even find a community to welcome you in.

Dog Years by Maggie Rogers


Have you been feeling a little under the weather lately? That’s because you haven’t taken a break. Luckily, your schedule will clear this week in a way that will give your body time to rest, heal, and recognize what it’s been trying to tell you. Venus in retrograde has caused a few bumps in your love life, but on the 16th, the air clears, allowing the love to slowly leak back into your life in ways you didn’t know were possible. Enjoy the change of tides, and remember, it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Shake It Out by Florence + the Machine


Health and wellness is the name of the game, little crab! Starting a new routine is certainly not out of the question this week, but writing it out would be helpful. Early morning meditation, jogs, and cold showers are not out of the question. It will jumpstart your day, and you’ll start feeling productive again. Morning routines create discipline and help you to stay motivated, especially with this winter chill encouraging you to hibernate. You’ll be more inclined to make healthier choices throughout the day, as well. Take care of yourself, prioritize sleep and forward thinking, and eat foods that nourish you. You are finally close to the light.

Let It All Go by Birdy


Standards lower this week, as your desire to meet new people kicks into an all-time high. You will be attracted to those you typically wouldn’t be, probably because you aren’t allowed to be. A long-distance lover? An ex you thought you were so done with? Watch out for when retrograding planets flip-flop in the sky though, as Mercury has other plans for communication. Try not to get too frustrated if things aren’t clicking the way they used to. All beautiful waves get a little choppy now and then.

Rill Rill by Sleigh Bells


Things are conflicting in the dating realm, thanks to the cosmos, and honestly, taking a break from it all wouldn’t be a bad idea. Sometimes you just need a little space to cool off. Instead of focusing on romance this week, chose to focus on yourself and your friends. The love will still be there when you come back, and you’ll feel more stable because you’ll have developed a better sense of self. There’s not point in laying all your emotions on one person when they could leave any time.

20 Something by SZA


It seems you’ll be leaving Procrastination Station this week, and arriving at Productivity City. Thank god, because you’ve been falling behind on all that shit that needs to get done. It’s not your fault, of course. I know you brain is absolutely buzzing with ideas, you just haven’t had the energy to act on them. Just make sure to hold off on starting any brand new projects, because you’ve got plenty of unfinished ones sitting on the table. Slow down, breath and tend to the work that already needs to get done.

Light by San Holo


Thank u, thank u, thank u! The stars finally decide to hop off of your back, after pulling your hair since the 5th of October. Relationship & work issues will clear up this week, along with the stress breakouts caused by them. Mars even enters your house of romance and creativity later this week, offering the much needed passion of a thousand blazing suns!! Enjoy this breath of fresh air, and reignite yourself, Scorpio. You have been dealing with some things humans should never have to deal with.

The Lotto by Ingrid Michaelson


The Universe and Jupiter have gifts for you this week, Sag. At a time when nothing else felt like it was moving, the wheels will start turning, and you will finally start to see the fruit of your labor. A lot had to manifest for this to happen, but it’s finally coming together. Just don’t be too eager to accept the first offer thrown your way. Something that appears amazing at first glance, may not be the best fit for you. Use it as a learning experience, and see what else it out there. A little patience, and even some research, goes a very long way in choosing which “gifts” you want to take!

Shoot and Run by Maude Latour


If there is a day to get some work done this week, I’d say the 15th is going to be the one for you! Whether it’s relating to your career or relationships, progression is needed, and moving forward before Mercury swings intro retrograde is highly recommended! That way, the stormy seas can settle, and you can use this next retrograde to slow down and figure out what you’d like to devote your energy to next. Keep a journal with you to write down any ideas that come to you in your sleep or daydreams. When the cosmic calm returns, you’ll have an exciting “to-do” list to choose from!

Breathless by Diet Cig


Oh my god, is it really almost 2019!? There were so many things you wanted to get done this year, but time just flew by, and now what? Calm down, Aquarius! There is a whole new year arriving. You have all the time you need to do what you have planned, you just need to loosen up on your high expectations and tight schedule. Make a list of twenty five things you want to get done. Now, write down the top 5 from that list that are most important to you, and throw the rest in the trash. If you focus your energy on these top five instead of tiring yourself with the others, you’ll be way more likely to succeed.

You’re Not The One by Sky Ferreira


Well, good morning! Sleeping Beauty has finally awakened! Mars spent the majority of the year in your house of rest & healing, but on the 15th we welcome it into your sign. Get ready for things to speed up all around you. A fire is going to be lit under your ass, and you know what happens when water gets heated? It boils. Opportunities will begin to arise all around you, and you’ll be eager to get involved, but make sure to channel some of that energy into your own growth, and things that will make your life better.

Waking up Again by Emily Hearn