Today is the luckiest day of the year, and here’s exactly what that means for your sign


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Today is the luckiest day of the year, and here’s exactly what that means for your sign

November 26th better step up

The luckiest day of the year has arrived. November 26th — the annual connection between blessed Jupiter and our glowing Sun! Some of you will really be basking in the glow that is shining down on us from the stars, and others will have a hard time escaping Mercury’s retrograde. But by tonight, we’ll all find some luck:


What does Lady Luck have in store for you today? I’ll tell you. CLARITY! It’s almost as if you’ve been walking around with a maxi pad as sunglasses. Thankfully, that period is over and you can begin to see things as they truly are. This is awesome news for you, as you are in a phase of *trying* to get your shit together and plan for your future. Enjoy looking at the world through new lenses and, choose from your new options wisely! Thank you Jupiter!

Pretty Girl by Clairo


How’s your energy? Are you still risin’ and grindin? If you’ve been able to turn motivation into habit, you’re a happy camper. If you haven’t hopped on the train at Motivation Station, get on it! Turning actions into habits, and habits into routine makes your life a hell of a lot easier, and you’ll be using less energy to get those things done. What does all of this mean? Put the work in now to make good habits stick, and you’ll be saving yourself in the long run. What good habits can you implement into your morning routine? We’ll start there.

Save Me From Myself by Louis The Child // NoMBe // Big Gigantic


You’ve got nothing to lose, Gemini, and the stars are backing you up to take a step you’ve been hesitant about. Don’t let worrisome thoughts and fears hold you back. Take the risk! It’s more-than-likely it will go in your favor, but in case it doesn’t, you now know what doesn’t work and how to change your approach! It’s better to make a move and learn an important lesson, than to do nothing and question what could have happened.

Peach by Allan Rayman


This phase of personal growth you’ve been going through has been keeping you so busy, you don’t even feel tired from all the work you’re putting in. You actually enjoy being immersed in these things! Who knew!? But, it’s harder to keep up good habits than it is to start them. The retrogrades happening in the background of this still aren’t playing nice with emotions, so don’t let one slip up get to you. Keep yourself busy this week, and stay away from drama.

Party For One by Carly Rae Jepsen


Do you ever not reap the benefits of the stars’ alignment? I’m surprised you don’t get more eye rolls from other signs due to the luck you have. Today, the stars will be whispering to you a key piece of information that’ll completely boost your confidence as you close out November and move into December. This week, pay special attention to your dreams, and in your waking life, see if you notice repeating numbers. Look up the meanings — you may find your message there!

Want U Back by Spencer


Was love the hot topic of your thoughts last week? If you’re not in a relationship and wondering why, it’s pretty well known your options tend to be limited because you really only *get* with people who are mature enough for your standards. If you were surrounded by people who thought more like you, you’d have no problem landing the kind of mate you’re looking for. But look around. What kind of intelligent people surround you already?

My Life by ZHU // Tame Impala


You’re tired of the same-old, same-old that’s been on your map, so is it time to venture to new places and sights unseen? The Venus/Uranus opposition on the 27th will bring change in more than one area of your life. It can be difficult to notice new opportunities and paths if you’re always in the same place though. Once you get your mind right and recognize this, all that’s left to do is move! Maybe not your entire life, but at least get in new locations, and immerse yourself in new environments with new people. Good luck.

Sundress by A$AP Rocky


Passion carries you from November to December, and depending on how you want to channel it, you’ll either be writing sweet poetry to your nearest and dearest, or your heart will be on fire with burning desire. Thankfully you have all of us here at Babe to calm your mind and answer your burning questions. If you find yourself in need, @babedotuniverse members get 24/7 all advice from our editors. We don’t want you to do anything stupid like double text him, you know?

Good Religion by Cults


Happy Sag season! I hope you enjoyed your welcome party from the cosmos. As the sun shines on your sign, you’re basking in the energy, and others seem to follow suit. You’ve got the power to attract some awesome people into your life (they could even be returning characters). Check in with yourself. What kind of people do you have room for in your heart right now? Who do you want to be a part of your life? Are you looking for just friends, or are you looking for a real relationship? Get clear on what you want, and accept nothing less.

Please Remix by Rhye // Jeff Samuel


A lesson for you, Capricorn: always leave room for things to shift down the line. You may want to set specific terms for the time being, but just know those may change as time goes on! This is especially important information to communicate to those you involve yourself with, just so they have fair warning ahead of time and can avoid getting the rug pulled out from under them. Can you relate this lesson to a past relationship that went through similar changes? Knowing how you work and putting all the information out there clearly before you begin is the best route to take!

Icicle Tusk by Fleet Foxes


Luck is in store for you in your creative, social, and professional endeavors, Aquarius! You have ideas that others need to hear! Use the meeting of Jupiter and the Sun as a good time to act on this. You’re inspired by energy floating around, and what better way to channel it than to meet other like-minded folks who can progress your ideas? Now is a great time to turn your thoughts into something! Have fun with it, but create a plan. We know you forget things sometimes.

Phone Call by Mtbrd


Maybe Lady Luck forgot your address? It seems you’re more influenced by Mercury than Jupiter this week. Mercury still being in retrograde has a way of bringing things together in unexpected ways, if at all! Commitment to anything at this time is in your best interest, but don’t let Mercury discourage you! This doesn’t mean you can’t discuss possibilities and hopes. Just don’t make any promises or sign any papers! Save that for a more confident time. Like later this week!

If You Ever by Nao // 6LACK