Watch Ariana Grande’s iconic, star-studded music video for ‘thank u, next’


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Watch Ariana Grande’s iconic, star-studded music video for ‘thank u, next’

The queen finally snapped

by Nian Hu

It has been a HELL of a year for Ariana Grande — full of love, loss, and self-discovery. And there's no better example of that personal growth than her iconic single, "thank u, next."

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First, she teased us with a 4-minute trailer that had everyone shook. Now, the entire music video is here. And we. Are. Speechless.

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This is, without a shadow of a doubt, a goddamn masterpiece. Littered with Mean Girls references and cameos from the original actors (including the army pants and flip flops girls), this looks more like a Hollywood blockbuster film than your ordinary music video. Looks like everyone else has to step up their game!

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If there was ever any doubt that Ari is the queen that none of us (especially not Pete Davidson) deserve, this video proves it once and for all. The devil works hard and Kris Jenner works harder, but Ariana Grande truly works the hardest of them all to bring consistent, high-quality content to her adoring fans. We STAN a hardworking queen!

Watch the full video here:


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