My new role model is the girl who sent a survey to everyone who ghosted her


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My new role model is the girl who sent a survey to everyone who ghosted her

Chances that anyone will respond? Less than zero

Imagine this: you meet a cute guy on Tinder. You have an amazing conversation with him, you trade phone numbers with him, and you even make plans to meet up with him on Thursday evening. You can't WAIT! But then suddenly, out of nowhere, he stops responding to your texts. At first, you tell yourself, "Oh he's just busy, it's not a big deal!" But then Thursday evening comes and goes without a single peep from him, and you finally come to terms with what's happened to you. I'm sorry, but you've just been ghosted.

And honestly, it really sucks! You can't help but wonder…what the FUCK did I do wrong?? Was I being too clingy? Too distant? You just want the truth, dammit, no matter how much it hurts!

Well then, friends, I have the perfect solution for you. Behold! A Google survey that you can send to everyone who's ghosted you.

Twitter user @calamityjaz is the mastermind behind this survey, which she aptly entitled, "An Invitation to Explain Yourself." In the survey, she explained that she doesn't actually CARE about why she was ghosted (sure, okay) but she's just doing this for science. And also because she's trying to get a "thinkpiece" out of it. Hmmm.

Regardless of her intentions, the survey itself is utterly ingenious. The third question in the survey — "So like, what the fuck?" — is the question that we ALL want to ask the people who ghosted us. But of course we're not going to, because it'll make us look borderline insane. Not all of us are as bold as Jaz, unfortunately!

Other questions that I really, really want answers to include "Is this something you do regularly?" and "Were you intimidated?" Because you know (or rather, you hope) that the only reason why you were ghosted is because you're intimidating, "but in a sexy way."

Let's see if she gets any responses! In the meantime, I will be sending this exact survey to all the people who ghosted me. For science, you know?


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