#FlashbackFriday: The time a teenage Demi Lovato stan account tweeted a bomb threat at an airline


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#FlashbackFriday: The time a teenage Demi Lovato stan account tweeted a bomb threat at an airline

Never forget @queendemitriax_

Where were you in 2014? In April 2014, specifically. I was finishing up my second-to-last semester of college, eating cereal out of ziplock bags so I didn't have to wash a bowel, and doing dumb shit like wearing Nike shorts to meet the university provost. What I wasn't doing was tweeting joke bomb threats at airlines…but I also wasn't a young, dumb teen with unfettered internet access. Most crucially, I also wasn't a Demi Stan, also known as a Lovatic.

Twitter user @queendemitriax_ sought fame, the attention of Demi, and some kind of release for white-hot ball of pent-up frustration all adolescents have in their belly. So she did the natural thing and sent a tweet, with her Demi avi, pretending to be an Al-Qaeda affiliate with something to prove.

@AmericanAir pls save my life

My favorite part might be the display picture is an edit of Demi. It's unknown what became of Sarah/Ibrahim but we do know domestic acts of terror happened June 1, 2014.

And you know, dear reader, this reminds me of another story from my college days. Sorry this story is just like…hey, let me tell you about some things that happened. Though I guess that's what all writing is? OMG anyway! This was like 2013 and I'd also like to say I was fortunate to go to high school and college before mass gun violence was a weekly occurrence so when there was a threat, we were like hell yeah biology is cancelled! Not the system is broken, I'm terrified. You know? I don't know how kids today do it, going to class seems actually horrifying.

OH MY GOD OKAY BACK TO THE POINT so in 2013, someone called a really descriptive bomb threat into my school and because it was detailed, they cancelled class and evacuated campus which is no small feat considering I went to one of those huuuge state schools that any moron who can spell their own name correctly can get into (can you tell???). Later it was REVEALED that the threat came from a boy who went to a different school a few hours away, and he did it so class at my school where his girlfriend went would be cancelled and they could visit each other!

I guess the moral of the story is love conquers all. The end.