How to hoe out without it ruining your life


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How to hoe out without it ruining your life

Take it one hook up at a time

It could be because you’ve just got out of a shitty relationship, it could be because you’re fed up with men and have decided they don’t deserve your emotional energy or it could be just be because you feel like it, but you’ve decided it’s time for you to hoe out. The life of carefree casual sex is littered with potential obstacles, but never fear.

We’ve made a whole podcast about navigating the turbulent world of hoe-dom.

It’s part of our babe masterclass series – a new podcast that helps real girls with their real problems. Presented by Dr. (Not a real doctor) Amanda Ross, babe’s editor, we look at a new issue that affects our audience every day.

So far we’ve covered:


– Break ups

– Dating Apps

– Friends with benefits

– Handling the holidays with a new partner

– How to know when you’re in love

– Long distance relationships

– Sexting and how to take the perfect nudes

– Getting your SO’s family to love you 

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