Hot Take: Your boyfriend liking an insta thot’s ass pic isn’t cheating


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Hot Take: Your boyfriend liking an insta thot’s ass pic isn’t cheating

We don’t make the rules here

You’re innocently scrolling instagram, trying to relax and find some noice memes when suddenly you see it. Emily Ratajkowski wearing three pieces of string on a gorgeous beach in Mexico. Your eyes scan over the likes and there it is, your boyfriends name as clear as day.

Your blood boils, comical steam shoots out of your ears and your temper begins to rise. But has he actually done anything wrong? Is it really as bad as him buying a tramp a fruity little drink because she can’t shoot whiskey?

More than at any time in human history, there are a million different distractions. My parents didn’t have to think about any of this, which is maybe why they haven’t got divorced yet!!

Anyway, like always, we’ve got your back. We’ve put together a podcast talking about all the little things that you’re not sure whether you’re allowed to freak out about. Thank us later.

It’s part of our babe masterclass series – a new podcast that helps real girls with their real problems. Presented by Dr. (Not a real doctor) Amanda Ross, babe’s editor, we look at a new issue that affects our audience every day.

So far we’ve covered:


– Break ups

– Dating Apps

– Friends with benefits

– Handling the holidays with a new partner

– How to know when you’re in love

– Long distance relationships

– Sexting and how to take the perfect nudes

– Getting your SO’s family to love you 


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