The most popular Instagram posts of 2018 were kind of terrible (and like 60 percent Stormi)


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The most popular Instagram posts of 2018 were kind of terrible (and like 60 percent Stormi)

Sorry you didn’t make the cut!

Well friends, another year has come and gone! Memories were made, experiences were had, and most importantly, some BOMB Instagram photos were posted. You’re feeling pretty proud of yourself! With the help of VSCO and FaceTune, you finally managed to curate a feed that’s every bit as aesthetically pleasing as the Pinterest board of your dreams.

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, you probably didn’t crack more than 500 likes. Even on that absolutely fire photo of yourself hanging out by the pool in Miami! Honestly, how rude. You give the thirsty fuckboys what they want, and they STILL don’t reward for your hard work. Make me Insta-famous already, dammit!!

Okay, so 2018 was a bit of a bust, but there’s always next year. And what better way to step up your Insta-game than to take inspiration from the greats? Here are the most popular photos from 2018 to get you inspired for next year!

Kylie Jenner’s baby photo (18 million likes)

Damn, people just LOVE baby pics. And I mean, who can blame them? Just look at that cute lil hand. Time to get pregnant, ladies!

Justin Bieber’s engagement photo (13 million likes)

Okay, so pregnancy is a big step. But ANYONE can get engaged! Heck, you don’t even have to marry the sucker (as Ari showed us). Just do it for the gram!

Kylie Jenner’s second baby photo (13 million likes)

Oh man, people REALLY like the baby pics, huh? If you don’t want to pop out one of your own, you could always consider posing with your baby nephew or something..?

Ariana Grande’s photo of Mac Miller (12.8 million likes)

Aww, this is actually really sad. Poor Mac, poor Ari. One of the most heartbreaking moments of 2018. It’s no wonder that this photo got so many likes.

XXXTentacion’s last photo (12.6 million likes)

Ugh, SERIOUSLY guys?? Yeah, it’s sad when people die but this guy was actually the WORST. Do I need to remind y’all that he literally CONFESSED to abusing his girlfriend when she was pregnant as well as almost beating a gay man to death?? Jeez. Get a new role model!

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus announcement (12.2 likes)

Man, you people really like supporting trash human beings, huh? Can’t give my perfectly wholesome bikini photo a like, but you’ll give this ALLEGED RAPIST over twelve million likes??

Frankly, I’m disappointed by this list. Some of these were well-deserved, but others just made me lose my faith in humanity. Whatever. Likes don’t matter anyway! Go forth and prosper, my children. I’ll always like your Instagram photo, even if no one else does!