How to get your boyfriend to stop doing the annoying shit you hate


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How to get your boyfriend to stop doing the annoying shit you hate

my guy, please wash your sheets more than once a year

Men, as the saying goes, are trash. Not a universal rule by any means, but definitely common enough to actually make some sense. You could be perfectly and completely in love with a man only to find out that he has seemingly missed some basic life lessions. Maybe he doesn’t have bed sheets, maybe he puts all his clothes in a pile on the floor, maybe he eats 1lb bags of sour Skittles for dinner.  It doesn’t matter what it is, all that matters is that you hate it and you him to become a better person.

But wanting him to change and getting him to change are two very different things. It can be tough not to come off naggy or mean when you’re critiquing the way people choose to live their lives but there is a way you can do it. To help you through this tricky conversation, we’ve come up with a podcast all about how you can improve your man for his (and your) sake.

It’s part of our babe masterclass series – a new podcast that helps real girls with their real problems. Presented by Dr. (Not a real doctor) Amanda Ross, babe’s editor, we look at a new issue that affects our audience every day.

So far we’ve covered:


– Break ups

– Dating Apps

– Friends with benefits

– Handling the holidays with a new partner

– How to know when you’re in love

– Long distance relationships

– Sexting and how to take the perfect nudes

– Getting your SO’s family to love you 


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