Your ultimate guide to defining the relationship and making it official


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Your ultimate guide to defining the relationship and making it official

It’s actually easier than you think

You’ve been seeing a guy for a few weeks (or months, no judgement) and you’re getting on really well. You stay over at each others’ places, you’ve met his friends, you do wholesome day time activities together, long story short it’s great. But you haven’t made it official yet. We’re not talking about Facebook relationship status updates here, we’re talking about the scary chat when you put all your cards on the table and say, I want to just be with you and call you my boyfriend.

It can be pretty nerve-wracking laying out exactly how you feel, especially if you have doubts if they feel the same way. But never fear, because we put together a whole podcast episode on exactly how to get up the balls to have the convo, what to do if it doesn’t go the way you want, and how soon into things you should be trying to lock it down.

It’s part of our babe masterclass series – a new podcast that helps real girls with their real problems. Presented by Dr. (Not a real doctor) Amanda Ross, babe’s editor, we look at a new issue that affects our audience every day.

So far we’ve covered:


– Break ups

– Dating Apps

– Friends with benefits

– Handling the holidays with a new partner

– How to know when you’re in love

– Long distance relationships

– Sexting and how to take the perfect nudes

– Getting your SO’s family to love you 


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