The rules of 2019 have already been decided and there’s nothing we can do about it


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The rules of 2019 have already been decided and there’s nothing we can do about it

People are already mad

I feel kind of bad for 2019 because people are already mad at it and it hasn't even started. It's like when you get with someone following a breakup and you're already assuming they're cheating on and lying to you, because why would anyone ever be genuine?

How can you blame us though? Even if 2018 was a good year for some people ~personally~ this is the first year in a long time almost everyone I've asked has prefaced telling me what they've been grateful for with this, and that speaks volumes. So honestly, we aren't taking any bullshit from 2019. It better just come in, sit the fuck down, and shut up. We're done playing with entire years. So, in the spirit of manifesting a peaceful, submissive 2019 before it begins, the people of Twitter are laying down rules:

Rule #1: Don't tell people your plans, but show them results

Start listening to your Taurus friends

But only fall in love with Capricorns and Virgos

Or Pisces and Cancers — pick your poison

But one thing is for sure and that's NO ARIES

We aren't being ignored

We aren't doubling back on anything

We're falling for a mans results, not his 'potential'

We’re cutting off anyone that gives out mixed signals

We aren't offer the 'girlfriend experience' for free

We're falling in love with ourselves

*Such a Libra thing to say.*

We aren't not holding on to ANY past relationships

And we aren't chasing after shitty 'friends'

We're building each other up instead of competing

We're building a brand while attracting good Karma

But we aren't fucking with anyone who doesn’t fuck with us

OR anyone who doesn't work out immediately

We’re eating vegetables, staying hydrated, using sunscreen and minding our own damn business

We're staying in our own lane

We aren't splurging, we're stacking

And to do this, we are't paying for anything with our own money

And while we're busy doing ALL of this, dudes will be…cupping their nuts in photos?

Weird flex, but okay.