Kendall Jenner’s real skincare routine leaked, proving she’s already the biggest scammer of 2019


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Kendall Jenner’s real skincare routine leaked, proving she’s already the biggest scammer of 2019

This is getting out of control

When Kendall Jenner announced that she was the new (clear) face of Proactiv, the skincare line that made its name with MTV-puncturing commercials featuring young female celebrities' "testimonials" about their acne struggles, I was kind of furious. And that sounds like a pretty extreme word for a seemingly simple but annoying Kardashian misstep, but it's true. I was furious. Spitting mad.

Not just because Kris and Kendall released a week-long series of cryptic teasers about Kendall's "mystery announcement" that they crafted to sound like something very serious — namely, Ken's sexuality. In one promo clip, she says: "When I was 14, I couldn't reach as many people as I can now. Now that I'm 22 and I have this whole thing behind me, I can speak to so many people and just be like, I can help you, and it's okay, and I experience it and I'm very normal, and, like, I understand you. I can connect with you and try and help you."

Then the big reveal. Kendall would be the new Head Pimp of Proactiv, a brand that anyone who graduated high school between 2004-2012 can tell you is absolute shit. A money suck, a waste, a false promise, a total scam. But what really got me going is Kendall and her family isn't even pretending to use the products at the center of her multimillion dollar contract. With a lot of celebrity testimonial commercials, especially with skincare, it usually goes like this: a young celebrity on the cusp of major fame (a starlet, if you will) talks about her "problem" and some flashback photo zooms in on like, a single zit from a personal photo. She then goes on to demo washing her face, usually with a huuuge grin, splash some water on herself in a way that would soak any mortal's entire bathroom, and grin again.

But with Kendall, it was different. Her acne wasn't some "I get blackheads sometimes heehee" bullshit. She had a serious struggle, and that actually is something teens out there can relate to. When she showed up at award shows with her face covered in a pretty serious breakout, I honestly thought that was really brave. That's the kind of skin problem that, when it publicly clears up, sends teens running to the phone (when I was in high school, you ordered Proactiv on the phone) to order whatever they think can give them the same results. Kendall is a liar, though, because she's barely pretending to use Proactiv. She's so cynical and money hungry that she can't even pimp out these products correctly. Sure, she can smile that dead-eyed smile and try to rub some product into her cheeks for the camera, but she's telling a completely different story to anyone who will listen.

According to an investigation from W Magazine, this is the truth:

In a 2015 post on her now-defunct namesake app, Jenner described how acne had "completely ruined my self-esteem" until she began working with her "incredible dermatologist" and undergoing Laser Genesis treatments, which left her "acne-free for about three years now." The same year, Kylie told The New York Times, "My sister Kendall had really bad acne when she was younger, and [Kidd] really cleared it up. I thought, 'Well, if she cured Kendall, I should start to visit her.'" And just last year, Kidd spoke to W about the skincare regimen she'd prescribed for Jenner, consisting of several of her own CK Perfect Skin products, which aren't available anywhere outside of her Beverly Hills office, let alone via infomercial.

How Kendall can sleep at night is beyond me. Granted, the silk pillowcases and millions in the bank probably help, but still.