We all need this ‘Nasty Woman’ t-shirt in our lives


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We all need this ‘Nasty Woman’ t-shirt in our lives

Because we’re all bitches

In response to Trump calling Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” at last night’s Presidential Debate, someone has designed a shirt every girl needs in her life right now.

Trump did OK at holding back his misogyny until the end of the debate when he interrupted Hillary, saying she’s “Such a nasty woman.”

So close.

The shirt, with the online description “Seriously, fuck Trump,” costs $25 dollars, with 50 percent of proceeds going to Planned Parenthood.

It seems Trump’s comments did nothing less than bring all the “nasty” women in the world closer together. We’ve all been called a “bitch” at least once, and we don’t actually care.

Now every single nasty woman, every single girl who’s been called a “bitch” and every one of us who couldn’t give two fucks about it can show off our nastiness in the form of a big pink heart, while supporting charity, of course.