What’s up with this hand over face pose? Is this a trend I’ve missed out on? Help


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What’s up with this hand over face pose? Is this a trend I’ve missed out on? Help

All the kids are doing it apparently

Every day there’s a new wonderful thing on the information super highway. Yesterday, my favourite thing online were these pictures from Kent’s iconic Epic U18’s nightclub. They include this pose.

Maybe these spritely pre-teens are onto something. Maybe – a theory – this is a bastardization of the thirst traps we all know and love as adults. Like the half face selfie and the dog filter, these girls are embracing mystery.

Maybe they know already that nobody really has an attractive nose and sometimes it’s hard to make your smile not-awkward in a pic, and so they’ve gone one further, they’ve covered the entire face. Maybe they know that it’s damn hard to show off your rings and your nail polish in selfies. Maybe it isn’t that much crazier than that chin covering ‘Hepburn’ pose that’s constantly all over your Instagram. Maybe it’s the best way to show off the Tyra Banks smize.

"2016 is the year of realising things" – kylie jenner

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I don’t get it, obviously, but there’s no reason to hate on them because of it. I posed so much worse than this in pictures when I was like, 12. I’m not going to post any here, obviously, but they were pretty bad. There’s albums full of photos of me throwing up a peace sign (even to this day), or literally waving or doing that pose where you all put your school shoes together in a star.

Compared to that, of course these aren’t actually that bad. But I am angry that I’ve missed out on the most important female photo pose since the Grace Face. The world is changing around me and I’m frightened.

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