You slept with your guy friend so now what?


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You slept with your guy friend so now what?

Are things real awkward?

You've done the deed with your guy friend and now you're in that uncomfortable "where do we go from here" phase. Whether it was drunken hookup that happened out of nowhere or the sexual tension has been building for months, you've now entered totally unfamilar territory with your bud. We're breaking down what you're options are so hopefully things don't get too weird.

Have you guys seen each other since?

The first interaction after you two sleep together will tell you a lot about how things could be going forward. If it's really weird and you guys can barely stand to look at each other then it might not be a bad idea to pull him aside or shoot him a text and try to talk about it. Suffering in silence is going to keep it uncomfortable for way longer then if you guys just figure shit out. You're friends so you should be able to work out how you both are going to handle it.

If it's like nothing has happened and that's the way you wanted it then perfect! Good on you guys for not letting a little fling ruin your relationship. On the other hand, if you're annoyed or want to acknowledge what happened and he's totally playing dumb then a chat might be in order.

Who knows?

This is a tough one because naturally after something like this happens you need to tell your girlfriends. We'd slow down on this one and only tell one or two people. Naturally you need advice about what to do next, but this isn't something the entire group needs to know ASAP, especially if it was a one time deal. Figure out what you want before telling a ton of people of this latest hook-up.

What do you want to happen next?

How did you feel about the sex? You guys might want to try out a friends with benefits scenario if you both had a good time. We'd recommend really thinking about what you want from your friend going forward before making any moves. Whether you want to start being FWB or not, you guys are still buds. You should try chilling like you normally would to ease any tension or confusion.

If you've been secretly crushing on this guy for a while, then things likely just got a lot more complicated. Do you have any idea what he's thinking? It could be a mutual crush in which case, you guys should totally talk about what you want to do.

On the opposite end of things, if you're worried he's had feelings for you and you're definitely not into it, proceed with caution. You probably don't want to lose this guy as a friend, but if you're not going to be interested in taking things to the next level you've got to let him down easy. There might be a period of time where he doesn't want to hangout as much. Give him space and if you're really good buds, hopefully you can hangout more when he's ready.

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