This site will tell you if any shitbag men are associated with your favorite TV shows and movies


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This site will tell you if any shitbag men are associated with your favorite TV shows and movies

So you know what to remove from your ‘things to watch’

I'm a no-life kinda gal, which means I spend a huge chunk of my dull weekends catching up on shows I missed.

But after that massive slew of actors and execs were exposed showing their weird-looking dicks to women, I want to know who's behind the curtain of my entertainment, too. Luckily, a team of beautiful, feminist tech nerds did it for me — and it looks like the R. Kellies, Nick Carters, and Ed Westwicks of the world have run out of (some) places to hide.

This new database called Rotten Apples reveals if anyone accused of sexual assault or harassment has any connection with a TV show or movie. It lists actors, producers, directors to take the guess work out figuring out who to not give your money and attention.

It's incredibly easy to use, too. This is how it works: just search the title in question. Any title. Try it. If it has no association with an abuser, the show is a "green apple."

However, if some pussy-grabbing fucker is writing the next episode of your favorite [insert plucky white female who moves to New York City show here], you'll know that too.

To see if it actually worked, I started with the obvious:

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Ugh! And she defended this creeper.

I already have my issues with Lena Dunham, but once news dropped that show writer Murray Miller was accused of rape, I a) wasn't surprised, and b) couldn't help but wonder who else was an alleged abuser working in feminist television. Bonus: if you click his name under the search bar, it'll link you to the article reporting on the allegations.

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Whew! … well, for now.

Luckily, one of the most popular (and my personal favorite) Netflix shows doesn't have any Brock Turners pulling the strings on my favorite goonies. I also appreciate that it's up-to-date, since I recall Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike, had to fire his agent as he was tied to a case regarding sexual misconduct.

It's good to know that I can do my own sleuthing on creeps who can't comprehend "keep it in your pants." Hopefully, this is a step towards preventing any more Rotten Apples from spoiling another bunch.


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