We debunked those claims that white people are being violently attacked at Black Panther showings


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We debunked those claims that white people are being violently attacked at Black Panther showings

Print this out and give it to your grandpa

Last night, Marvel's highly anticipated Black Panther premiered nationwide, and people were fucking ecstatic — especially Black people, and with good reason.

After all, it's a blockbuster superhero movie helmed by an ultra-talented, ultra-sexy cast of Black actors. But when Black people get something good, racists get mad.

And in response to all of the hype surrounding Black Panther, some racists on Twitter tried to pull off a hoax, using pictures of bloody tissues and battered white women, and claimed that they'd been attacked at the Black Panther premiere for being white and seeing the movie.

The best — and only — good part about any of these tweets is how easy they are to debunk, and how quickly other Twitter users exposed the liars.

It's happened a couple of different times, but every tweet is incredibly easy to disprove using Google Reverse Image Search. Bitch, I feel like Nev and Max!

It feels good to see people pulling out the receipts so quickly on these bullshit claims — and some tweets are so below-the-radar that nobody else has even had to say anything. So we will:

This woman is from a viral video about domestic abuse.

And this is Steven Yeun — who is Korean-American — playing Glenn in The Walking Dead (spoilers, sorry).

Not only are these tweets blatant, racist attention-grabs, they're unoriginal too.

We actually did a story about this — a girl was smashed with a bottle for rejecting a guy in a nightclub, not for seeing a fucking popular movie.

Unfortunately, some people are actually falling for it, which is straight-up embarrassing.

So, for future reference — white people are not getting beaten up for seeing this superhero movie, and if you're white and you see this superhero movie, nobody will really give a shit. Unless you text during it or something.