We know where Rachel McAdams is, but whatever happened to the OTHER characters in Mean Girls?


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We know where Rachel McAdams is, but whatever happened to the OTHER characters in Mean Girls?

Forget Lindsay Lohan, what’s up with Trang Pak?

Mean Girls, the most iconic movie — nay, film — of our time, produced quite a few break-out stars. Rachel McAdams went on to star in fuck tons of impressive movies like Spotlight, Southpaw, and The Notebook, which every white girl I know has cried to way too many times. Amanda Seyfried is a household name after movies like Mamma Mia!, Dear John, and Les Miserables. We all knew Tina Fey before the movie even came out, of course.

And Lindsay Lohan…well, she's Lindsay Lohan.

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But what about everyone who didn't catapult into fame that only the most quotable movie to ever hit theaters could bring you? What happened to all the tertiary Mean Girls characters who played small but important roles in the biggest movement in United States history?

Here's what happened to the most quotable, but maybe least lovable, actors and actresses in Mean Girls. Most of them are doing pretty great — even if the coolest thing on their resume is meeting Lindsay Lohan. I mean, it's pretty hard to beat that.

Regina's little sister, played by Nicole Crimi

Ok, everyone remembers Regina's little sister who loved Girls Gone Wild and getting down with herself.

Her name is Nicole!


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She's ditched acting for visual art…

And attends McMaster University in Canada. An educated queen!

The coolest marauder ever πŸ˜‰β„οΈβ˜ƒοΈβ„οΈ

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She also travels a fuck-ton, hopefully with the money she made as a child actress. You know, assuming her parents aren't total pieces of shit.

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Nicole is definitely living her best life, but she still takes the time to Insta about Mean Girls every October 3rd. Then again, If I was her, I would bring up my baby dose of fame every single time I could. Parties, first dates, every time one of my friends was getting too confident, etc. It's definitely her fun fact during syllabus week every semester.

'She doesn't even go here!' girl, played by Jill Morrison

Do y'all remember the girl who said she wished she could bake a cake out of rainbows? She didn't even go here? Of course you do.

Well, she was played by this lady named Jane who has done a little bit of acting since the movie. She hasn't like, won an Oscar or anything, but she's been in an episode of Supernatural. So to fan girls, she's the winner of the biggest prize of all: Sam and Dean's attention.

She's also a mom. Hopefully, one that bakes a lot. You know, given her claim to fame.

And she has a cute dog! Lit.

My little soul mate

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Trang Pak, played by Ky Pham

You guys know Trang Pak, the slutty girl who slept with Coach Carr?

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She was played by this woman in Ky Pham, who is a total enigma. Like, I'm having a hard time figuring out what this girl does for a living, because it looks like she just goes on amazing vacations 24/7


And there's no way in hell she's an influencer — she only has 300-ish followers.


It looks like she does a lot of yoga, because of course she does! She's skinny and hot. But she's not listed as staff anywhere I looked. How does she fund this lifestyle?

I even tried to figure out what her hot husband does figuring he's rich enough to support her like, entire life, but I can't find him on LinkedIn Canada. Too many Dan Parents. I looked.

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Job or not, it looks like Ky lives quite the life. And at least it's not with Coach Carr.

Coach Carr, played by Dwight Hill

Speaking of Coach Carr, the abstinence-obsessed health teacher who convinced 10-year-old me that having sex WOULD kill me…

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… he seems a lot more chill IRL.

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Dwayne is an Emmy-nominated voice actor.

I used to dig ditches. This is way more fun :) #voiceactor #the6ix

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… And definitely makes lots of Hollywood-like poor decisions.

Not so responsible now, huh Coach Carr?

Kevin G, played by Rajiv Surendra

The guy who played Kevin G, the mathlete turned rapper?

Yeah… he's hot now.

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But not only is he hot, he's really fucking interesting. Interesting enough to write a memoir in his 20s. Unlike y'all (please stop blogging!)

Apparently, he spent six years preparing for the lead role in Life of Pi because he felt a spiritual connection to the main character. He dropped out of school to move to India and learn the correct regional dialect. He befriended the author. He even learned how to look a tiger in the eye to do his own stunts. But then, they went with someone else.


His whole book is about crushing failure and how to overcome it. Deep for a guy who got his start making dick jokes in a movie about high school.

Rajiv is also a calligrapher, which I didn't even know we had in 2018.

He also acts a bit. If he wanted to act like my boyfriend, I wouldn't be mad.

'I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip-flops, so I bought army pants and flip-flops' girl, played by Stefanie Drummond

Remember the pack of girls who wanted to be Regina? I decided to highlight the most successful one.

Her name is Stefanie and she doesn't have an Instagram because she was playing a high schooler in 2004 which means she's very much not Instagram's demographic, if you catch my drift. But she does have a popping IMDb.

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She was in Oscar-winning Spotlight with Rachel McAdams, which is cooler than anything I'll ever do.

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And she's been in other recognizable shows and movies, like Fuller House, and a bunch of shit from Canada, dontcha know?

Shane Oltman, played by Diego Klattenhoff

Last but not least, do y'all remember the guy Regina cheated on Aaron Samuels with? His name was Shane Oltman.

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The guy who played him's name is Diego, he's 39-years-old, and he's 100000 percent a daddiβ„’.

Like, he's known for his role as a hot cop in Homeland. Need I say more?

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I'm honestly glad I ended this article on him, because now y'all have time for whatever you need to do.

Overall, the tertiary characters from Mean Girls seem to be doing pretty well for themselves. No Lindsay Lohan-type fuck ups to report back on. But then again, it's really the A-list fame that does that to you, isn't it? Do you think they'd trade their in-tact psyches for a slightly more coveted red carpet? I know I would.

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