This girl was fat-shamed at a bakery, so she got revenge by buying every! last! cupcake!


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This girl was fat-shamed at a bakery, so she got revenge by buying every! last! cupcake!

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The only power that really matters in this world is the power of revenge — because as long as you can win at that, people won't have any interest in crossing you. And if you can be petty at the same time? They won't even think about it.

But rankings like these cannot be handed out, they must be earned. And when Vega Blossom, 19, visited her local bakery's Easter sale this past weekend, she earned her place at the top.

While she was waiting in line, Vega says another customer behind her said she hoped the "fat bitch" wouldn't buy all of the cupcakes. So, in the name of pettiness, Vega brought this woman's worst fears to life, spending $54 and buying all of them — every single last one! Yes!

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Since, her Facebook post about it has since garnered more than 71,000 likes and 24,000 shares.

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Vega, who wears a dress size US 18, told the Daily Mail: "When I heard the nasty things the women said, I honestly wanted to cry. It really hurt my feelings." She also said that growing up a chubbier girl, she always got snide comments about her weight from people.

"Hopefully this was a lesson in treating others kindly, and maybe a lesson in karma as well," she said.

And for a cherry on top? Vega says she looked the pair straight in the eye as she left, and asked, "Could you please open the door for me? My hands are a bit full."

Revenge never tasted sweeter. Also, I regret writing that.

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