Melted stick of butter Jeffree Star is teaming up with another racist YouTuber who also loves to say the n-word


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Melted stick of butter Jeffree Star is teaming up with another racist YouTuber who also loves to say the n-word

Nothing good will come of this

Microwaved corpse Jeffree Star is now collabing with Tana Mongeau, which means two beauty YouTubers who love to say the n-word are joining forces as an unholy alliance of internet celebs exposed for extremely racist comments! What a Wednesday!

Jeffree, best known as the enormously popular beauty blogger with a face like a melted candle, just posted this snap of him with Tana, a few days after tweeting: "This weekend I’m filming a few videos with @tanamongeau 🔥😍 The earth better be prepared hahaha."

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Jeffree Star

So they're really teaming up to work together. If you needed a reminder, Jeffree has been known to shout the following:

"Shut up you fucking n***** bitch!"

"I win by having diamond rims, by being a poor Mexican!"

"You stupid ape, imma spray you, bitch!"

"Will you beat that n***** up for me?"

"She's a fucking n*****! You're a n***** you ugly ass bitch! Fuck you hoe!"

Watch all those moments here, if you want to know what gargling Clorox must feel like:

And when it comes to saying the n-word, Tana is right up there with him. Here's a compilation of here greatest hits, which include snaps and tweets which contain the racial slur, and feature her yelling it at the camera, over and over.

"I'm omw to my pet n*****s house" and "n*****s these days!!!!" are two of Tana's infamous posts.

Tana is now a merch-hawking YouTuber, but as she confirmed in her extremely horrid single W, she's still the same:

"They be talking, talking, talking/Say I'm fake, say I've changed/But I'm still the same bitch/Just no more minimum wage."

So it's good Tana Mongeau and Jeffree Star are teaming up I guess? They deserve each other.

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