It looks like Millie Bobby Brown took back her cheating boyfriend ?


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It looks like Millie Bobby Brown took back her cheating boyfriend ?

The middle school DRAMA omg

Do y'all remember in middle school when you got mad at your boyfriend for passing a note to another girl, so you blew him off and blocked him on AIM? America's Stranger Things Sweetheart, Millie Bobby Brown, got in a similar tiff with her boyfriend, star Jacob Sartorius, last week. She deleted all photos of him off her Instagram when he was accused of asking other girls for nudes.

But now, it looks like the tween couple is back on. Millie just posted a picture of them together and turned the comments off. Probably because she knew everyone was going to be asking hella questions, like "Did he really cheat?!" "Why are you back together?" and most importantly, "Do you even realize you're a 13-year-old millionaire?!"

Honestly, the drama is too much for me. It's giving me shell-shock. Visions of me getting mad at Bradley for holding Vanessa's hand are flashing in front of my eyes. You literally couldn't pay me to be 13 again. Especially not in 2018, where you have to deal with boys asking for nudes on Snapchat. My kids will never have phones, I swear to fucking God.

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