YouTube star faces prison for making homeless people eat poisoned Oreos on-camera


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YouTube star faces prison for making homeless people eat poisoned Oreos on-camera

He also handed out sandwiches to children filled with cat poo

A dipshit YouTuber could be imprisoned for giving Oreos stuffed with toothpaste to the homeless. Kanghua Ren, who runs a popular YouTube channel called ReSet, faces two years in prison and a fine of around $40,000 for a vile stunt in which he gave tampered food to a man camped out on the street.

Ren watched as the homeless man ate five of the toothpaste Oreos, and joked: "I might have gone a bit far, but look on the bright side: I've helped him clean his teeth. I don't think he's cleaned them since he became poor." The homeless man, known as Gheorge, told the court he vomited five minutes after eating the cookies.

Ren boasting about how he pranked the homeless man on his YouTube channel

A still from Ren's video, where he scraped off Oreo frosting and replaced it with toothpaste

The moment when Ren handed over a pack of tampered Oreos

Because Ren's channel is so successful (he has over a million subscribers), he made over $2,500 from this one prank. Ren, who is a 20-year-old living in Spain, has been charged with violating a moral integrity law. Prosecutors are demanding a prison sentence, and he is currently out on bail.

When he has first criticized for posting the video last year, Ren uploaded an apology and said: "People exaggerate over pranks in the street when they involve a homeless person, but if they happened to a normal person nobody would say anything." Gee, I wonder why?

Kanghua Ren

The court heard how Ren deleted the video and tried to bribe Gheorge with the equivalent of $370 to keep quiet. It also emerged that this was not the first time Ren had pulled a stunt like this – he once made sandwiches filled with cat shit and handed them out to kids and old people.

Ren's lawyer argued that his client be released because the toothpaste was "not poison," adding that the facts were "misinterpreted." Before the judge announces sentencing, Ren has been banned from leaving the country.

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