These beautiful prom looks almost make me wish I was back in high school


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These beautiful prom looks almost make me wish I was back in high school

These girls are so fucking pretty omg

Prom is a whole new game since the advent of Instagram. Like, these girls reach new heights absolutely fucking killing their pictures. I went to prom 4 years ago, but even then, my pictures consisted of squinty shit snaps my parent's took with their DSLR and some iPhone 4 shots. Don't get me wrong, I looked hot as fuck — but the 2018 prom game is really something else.

These girls' prom looks are so pretty I almost wish I was in high school again. Then I think about my 12th grade boyfriend and scream NEVER MIND.

Here are the best prom pics I've seen so far. If your friend is on here, call 911 because the cops should literally arrest her for how much envy she incites in me, a 21-year-old washed up hag with a full-time job.

Lynette deadass channeled Belle

While @Dee8k_ looks like a more beautiful version of Elsa

These girlfriends obliterated the TL with their beauty

And this girl's velvet dress took Old Hollywood classic to 2018

This is the most photogenic couple I've ever seen

But then I saw this one. JESUS CHRIST!

Damaris killed her makeup game

And Kimberlee could choke me with her braid and I would THANK HER

This couple killed the white and blue

And this couple killed the whole! ass! game!

This red dress is fucking fire

But I want to wear this girl's dress every single day

I want to suffocate myself with this glam fur stole

But then I wouldn't be alive to stare at these pictures forever


Like, look at this!!!!!







If y'all could stop making high school look so good…

…that would be great

Precious queens, enjoy prom! I love y'all.

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