God exists: Logan Paul officially quits daily vlogging


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God exists: Logan Paul officially quits daily vlogging

He says he’s going to get into music

It's real, guys — Logan "Dead Body" Paul announced he'll no longer post daily YouTube videos. Logan announced the first decent piece of news I've heard in months, using his YouTube channel, because of course he did.

Which makes sense, right? This guy has been hit with a series of controversies like his Japanese suicide forest video, and he had to cry about it to make anyone even think about forgiving him. Then he copied Handlebars!

And let's be honest: Logan doesn't have the raw, meathead star power that Jake does! He never got any of that Disney Channel money! What is he doing? I'm actually kind of… worried about him.

Logan's announcement video, which is almost 17 minutes long and difficult to watch, also includes a montage with some sad music in the background, a small dog, aerial shots and a lot of yelling.

"I'm blessed and I'm grateful," Logan said. "The vlog will never be finished as long as my heart stays thumping on this goddamn Earth," is another thing he said.

So what's the next move for the elder Paul? Apparently, he wants to "dive into music" because he has "diversified, bro." I strongly suspect he's gonna spend his newfound free time jerking off in front of a mirror, but that's just an educated guess.

You can watch the whole video here. Or you could do literally anything else.

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