Is Kendall Jenner…okay? I’m kind of worried about her


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Is Kendall Jenner…okay? I’m kind of worried about her

Where iS KRIS oh my god

Being a Jenner, while kind of amazing, also probably sucks ass. People are looking at you constantly, you have to try to live up to Kim's impact, and you're trying to deal with Caitlyn being — quite frankly — a jerk like, ALL the time. Kylie's said on more than one occasion that she never wanted to be famous, and I'm sure Kendall is in a similar mood.

Kenny leveraged her Kardashian name into a huge modeling career, found out it made her nervous as fuck, and I feel like now she doesn't really know what to do. And honestly…I am really worried about her. It's been theorized on Twitter that Kendall is trying to get messy so she can capitalize off being an entertaining socialite like her sisters instead of having to be a closeted horse-girl who makes money off long days in the studio filming ads that make her feel anxious and awkward. And I believe it.

But is it a good thing that she's trying to become a Hollywood It Girl? OR is it kinda totally SCARY that she might be going off the edge? I vote scary. Let's just look at the concerning things that have been going on.

Kenny's been posting a LOT about partying

A lot more than normal. Lately, a lot of her stories have been about drunken antics. Which is like, super relatable and fun, but also can be kind of scary. You know that one girlfriend you love because she'll always take a shot with you, but you're also kind of nervous about her because she starts drinking beer at 6:05 PM everyday? Yeah, that's my relationship with Kendall right now.

Just look at this insane video she posted of her sis twerking the other day:

And then look at this SERIES of posts about getting intoxicated. She's literally a millionaire. She probably has better things to post about, but IDK. I'm not a millionaire. Lmao.

And she made out with her best friends' little brother a few nights ago

Anwar Hadid, to be specific. The 18-year-old brother of Bella and Gigi Hadid, Kendall's besties. They might've had a thing going on, but it still seems a little out of girl code to hook up with your friends' brother. Especially when you're famous and everyone will be looking.

And you're trying to win over brands' hearts. IDK about all this, guys. Seems risky.

There are rumors she's been photoshopping the SHIT out of photos

Kendall has always seemed like one of the most genuine Kardashians on her social media feeds (which isn't a knock at Kim. Edit your photos, Insta queen!). But in the last few weeks, she's been accused of photoshopping her bikini pictures to look thinner than she already is. Why an actual MODEL needs to make her body more snatched, I will never understand. Unless she's suffering with self-esteem. Which makes me sad. Where's the hope for the rest of us? Us normal humans?

There's also been hella rumors that Kendall's gotten a lot of new plastic surgery in the last few months — from lip fillers to a nose job. I'll let YOU be the judge.

And of course, she went on a Lil Dicky song to say she has a vagina

Yeah, sure, whatever, this was a few weeks ago now. But it still scares me. NO ONE should be FRATERNIZING with Chris Brown. At least no one who wants a career. And that's the tea.

  • Kendall, baby, please get help. We all love you for who you are! You don't need to go through a Paris Hilton crime-spree to get what you want. I would buy your app even if it's just videos of you hugging Kris and Kourt all day long.

    And if you're just having fun? That's cool, too. Just let us know that you're enjoying it. Send us those snaps of you saying: "I just love to party!" Please clear my conscience. Xoxoxo.

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