Who is David Dobrik? Everything you need to know about the YouTube star


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Who is David Dobrik? Everything you need to know about the YouTube star

He did that ‘we broke up’ video you probably saw

David Dobrik, as you probably didn’t know or care about until recently, is one of YouTube’s biggest stars. He’s a 21-year-old with an enormous following of over 12 million fans across his YouTube channels. He made headlines with a video called “we broke up,” detailing the end of his relationship with fellow YouTuber Liza Koshy, which racked up 34 million views. Here’s everything else you need to know about David Dobrik.

David Dobrik

Where is David Dobrik from?

Like Logan Paul and his brother Jake, David started out on Vine before focusing on YouTube. He was born in Slovakia before coming to the US aged five, moving to Los Angeles where he now maintains his digital empire, which on top of his YouTube following, boasts five million on Instagram and over two million on Twitter.

  • What does David Dobrik do?

    He vlogs a lot on his various channels, about everything from his break-up with Liza Koshy to uhh “TRYING JAPANESE CANDY!!” (2.2 million views.) Most of his stuff are videos like “TARANTULA WOULD NOT GET OFF MY GIRLFRIEND!!”, “PRANK MADE LIZA CRY!!” or “HE GOT HIS EYEBALLS TATTOOED!!” and “THIS SCARED HER TO TEARS!! (POLICE CALLED)” Incredibly, this has given him an estimated net worth of between $2-4 million.

    David Dobrik’s racist and otherwise bad tweets

    We found these after a quick search on his Twitter. He has called girls “sluts”, his friends “gay” and once said: “#IfWGoOutJustKnow Imma call you my bitch. ya dig nig?”

    David Dobrik’s merch

    Like any good YouTube star, David sells merch to teens at extortionate prices – his Dobrik by Dobrik for David Dobrik hoodie for $40, his VLOG SQUAD for $25, a CLICKBAIT blanket for $56.

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