How to listen to ‘Everything is Love’ without a Tidal subscription


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How to listen to ‘Everything is Love’ without a Tidal subscription

Get your Beyonce WITHOUT subscribing

Beyonce has stopped the world not once, but THREE times by dropping surprise albums. Her latest drop, a joint album with Jay-Z called 'Everything is Love,' was released on Saturday. But there was a huuuge wall between Bey and her fans: The fact that she only released her album on Tidal, her and Jay-Z's streaming service.

Thankfully, for us peasants who KNOW Jay-Z's discography is just not worth the $8 a month or whatever, she's now put her album on other platforms. You can stream Everything is Love on Spotify and Apple Music as of this morning, through July 2. The artist name is listed as "The Carters" so search that to find it.

Enjoy, my slightly poor stans! Stream all you wish.

Now I just wish she would put Lemonade on Spotify. There's been way too many days I've needed to jam to "Six Inch" and been deprived of my BASIC RIGHT to good music. Beyonce, I can never forgive you. Hopefully this drop being super successful will make you change your ways.

… Then again, half of us might not listen to it. I mean, we aren't here for Jay. Even if you stick him in front of the Mona Lisa, I'm not impressed.

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