This guy — no, this LEGEND — ranked every Hilary Duff song instead of writing a 15-page paper


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This guy — no, this LEGEND — ranked every Hilary Duff song instead of writing a 15-page paper

Tbh I didn’t know she had this many songs

Back in college, being studious was only trendy because you knew the campus weed guy was dealing out of the library study cubbies — but despite distracting underclassmen screaming through bookshelves, getting last-minute homework done is always the end game. One student, however, took a 3-hour homework break to rank Hilary Duff songs.

Phillipe Thao, a senior at DePaul University, was taking summer classes and determined to get his math papers finished. "I wasn't going to leave the library until I got all of my assignments done, and then I literally spent 3 hours just listening to Hilary Duff and ranking all of her songs in an Excel spreadsheet instead of doing my homework," he said.

'Come Clean' is first on the list, obviously

Phillipe included nearly every bop on the list, but missed her more recent song "All About You", which he says he'd go back and throw somewhere in the top 15.

The ranking is also color-coded by album

The highest ranking songs are comprised of tunes from Duff's debut album, Metamorphosis, as its color code fills up most of the the top 15…and rightly so. Regardless of what any LiLoh stan says, Metamorphosis out-bangs Speak. That's that on that and you can fight me in the comments. Philipe even added her Christmas songs (which makes sense as to why Santa Clause is Coming to Town is ranked as the bottom binch of the list).

Although HD has never received a Grammy in her life for the music she's contributed the our lives, she's a gay icon who's heavily slept on to this very day heavily slept on. Phillipe says she's the reason he was able to come to terms with his sexuality. "I was so madly in love with all her music and Lizzie McGuire," he told babe. Hilary's actually got quite the resume. She's racked up a hefty 85-song track list in her days as a singer.

In the face of "Wake Me Up" and "Dignity", Phillipe managed to finish and and land a phat B+ on the paper. We have decided to stan forever.