Someone leaked us their INSANE sorority emails for your reading pleasure


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Someone leaked us their INSANE sorority emails for your reading pleasure


A cache of batshit sorority emails have been sent to babe, revealing just how bonkers rush and pledging can be. A whistleblower from a top tier sorority on the East Coast forwarded a selection of ALL CAPS I'M NOT FUCKING AROUND messages from her srat as it went through recruitment season last year. The emails were sent from an anonymous email address and redacted with a black marker like secret CIA documents. It's a wild ride.

What the fuck

The first message comes from a pledge master who is laying into her pledge class: "I legitimately cannot fathom how or why people are STILL talking about what goes on at our meetings. If this sorority does not learn how to shut the fuck up [redacted] and I will be modifying the program… I swear to God if I hear about even this message being told to anyone the programs goes secret and that's it. We are not putting our careers and safety on the line for a group of girls who don't give a fuck about us and everything we are about to do for you. And this especially is for [redacted] too who is putting herself on the line daily. SHUT THE FUCK UP BYE."


My personal favorite – a pledge master screams at her sorority that she has "eyes everywhere" if they ever shit talk rushes. "Learn some fucking rush etiquette and be nice to these girls who have done absolutely nothing to you," she says. "Get over yourself and learn how to be nice to girls. If this continues I will add myself to group chats to make sure this stops because I'm fed up with it."


This is an interesting one as it admits the use of hazing ("h***ing"): "We will absolutely find out if you opened your mouth and then no one other than the PM's and President will have any privileges to know anything, your rights will be taken away, and it will be a completely secret program… SO IN CASE YOU DID NOT FEEL LIKE READING ALL OF THIS KEEP YOUR FUCKING MOUTHS SHUT AND DONT RUIN THIS FOR EVERYONE. We are not fucking around."


A complicated one, it seems to be a fraternity found out the number of girls in this sorority's pledge class, which has made the exec extremely angry.

"But if anyone asks you tonight please for the love of sweet baby jesus please say we did not take a pc and if they keep pestering you, switch the topic, make out with them, anything who the fuck cares just don't fucking talk about the PC. Boys are talking and they're a bunch of fucking yentas so they'll spread it to the rest of the fucking universe, so deny till you die. If people open their mouths we will fucking find out, drop the whole PC, and ruin your life for trying to ruin ours. This is actually a record PC, this is [redacted] fucking girls, THIS IS A HUGE LIABILITY but we need it for the sake of numbers. THE WHOLE SORORITY IS FUCKED IF THIS GETS OUT. I'm not fucking joking about this, this is so serious and such a liability. [redacted], and I all have futures ahead of ourselves really not tryna ruin it because of your selfish ass looking for attention for 5 seconds. Be smart, keep your mouth shut."

Got any sorority emails, texts, or messages you'd like to share? Send to [email protected], and your anonymity will be guaranteed. They can be messages from past or present.

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