Kyle, you really fucked up this time! Frat president exposed in vile group chat talking about shooting immigrants


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Kyle, you really fucked up this time! Frat president exposed in vile group chat talking about shooting immigrants

We’re VERY disappointed in you

Dunce Kyle Mitchell, the head of the Interfraternity Council at Texas Tech, has been named and shamed by his peers for sending messages where he joked about murdering immigrants.

Kyle, whose dad will no doubt be pissed, wrote in his GroupMe: "I'm telling you build a wall, and the us govt. can sell permits for legal hunting on the border and we can make a sport of this, can be a new tax revenue stream for the govt."

He adds: "The us govt would be making money to stop illegals instead of spending it, win win for everyone."

Kyle = The cocaine cowboy

Nate Novak, also in the group chat, says: "Kyle run for president in the future please." Brother Kyle responds: "No the poors would get me… I'd stop all of their support and let them die… couldn't get votes haha."

Screenshots of Kyle and the Frat Chat have been leaked online, and are circulating on Twitter. The also feature gags about poor people, sending immigrants to a firing squad, slaves picking cotton, and partnering up with ICE for a frat event.

"I've met ranchers that kill illegals and bury them under cattle graves along the border," says one guy called Alex Provost. "As they should," says Kyle.

Kyle has now tweeted an apology for being a dick, saying he "now" knows that his comments were "egregious, disgusting and lacked morality." He says he has resigned as IFC President, because "my comments do not reflect the values of the Texas Tech fraternities."

"I cannot take back what I said, as the damage and hurt to others has already occurred. But please know that I will continue to own my mistakes and learn from this moment." Alright, Kyle!

Texas Tech said: "Messages shared on social media tonight are abhorrent and strongly condemned. University officials are investigating this matter. Texas Tech is proud of the diversity that makes up our community. These insensitive and racially charged messages do not reflect our core values."

If you have any screenshots from a frat group chat that you want to send, email [email protected].

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