There is a third Sprouse sibling, and she is dating Dylan Sprouse


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There is a third Sprouse sibling, and she is dating Dylan Sprouse

Please stop dating your long lost sisters, Dylan!

by Nian Hu

Can you name a more iconic duo than the Sprouse Twins? This powerful pair of swoopy-haired siblings stole everyone's heart on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and Cole continues to woo teenage girls around the world as Jughead Jones on Riverdale while Dylan…brews mead in Brooklyn. To each their own, I suppose.

In an exciting and unexpected turn of events, we here at babe can exclusively reveal that there is, in fact, a THIRD Sprouse sibling! A long lost sister who somehow ended up becoming a model in Hungary, Barbara Palvin possesses a face that shares so many physical similarities with Dylan's and Cole's that there seems to be no doubt whatsoever that she shares 100 percent of her DNA with them.

With her light blue eyes, slightly arched eyebrows, flowing brown hair, full rosy lips, jutting chin, perfectly egg-shaped head, and tapioca-colored skin, Barbara is the spitting image of her identical brother Dylan Sprouse, whom she is posing with above. The only difference appears to be that he chooses to wear his hair short whereas she lets her mane flow in the wind.

Rather disturbingly, however, she is also currently dating Dylan.

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Given the fact that they are clearly identical siblings, it is deeply unsettling to think that they are doing the dirty with each other. While we here at babe pride ourselves on our open-minded attitudes toward sex and relationships, we are unsure if we can openly condone this blatant display of incest.

It is unclear whether or not anyone else is aware that Barbara Palvin is, in fact, a long lost Sprouse sibling. However, the photographic evidence seems compelling. Observe the following image, in which Dylan's and Barbara's faces in the first photo have been swapped — a drastic act of photo manipulation that somehow yielded in no visible change whatsoever.

Shockingly, this is not the first time that Dylan Sprouse has located a long lost identical sister and ended up sleeping with her. Before dating Barbara, he was in a relationship with Dayna Frazer. As you can see in the photo below, Dayna Frazer is also unquestionably a member of the ever-growing Sprouse clan.

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I don't know what compels a man to continuously pursue sexual and romantic relationships with his identical siblings. I sincerely hope that Dylan wakes up one day, realizes that he has a problem, and makes a firm promise to only date outside the family.

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